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Oh my! Is that...? Yes it appears to be....a visitor! Oh dear and me in my birthday suit! Wait.....I'm always in my birthday suit. Oh well.
!!WARNING!! This site contains elements that are not suitable for minors! If You are not 18 or the legal age of your area, then do not, I repeat, DO NOT, access any links that clearly say 'NO MINORS' or I will tell your parents.
Okay that clears me of any legal shit.
Greetings! My name is Deyna Tibberius Otter, and I welcome you to my holt. Do you wish to hear a tale? I can spin a story as well as Aesop, if I say so myself. Please grab a fish and join me.
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Updates: 8-07-2004 Added some pics of me being a silly otter. Been writing a new series called Phoenix. It's not done but the chapters are coming along nicely. Be good, furry friends.
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