~ Submissions ~

Hi if you have some thing you wish to share with others and you need a site,
then i'm more than happy a place what ever it is on mine!

1) Submission of Fan Art of Fiction:
i'll except all art and fiction's simply email it. However i ask that
if it's a piece of art you place your name on/with it so i can credit you.
Also please let me know if you wish others to be able to email you.
As for fiction as well as your name, and email, please include a rating,
any warnings (violence, sex etc..) and a summery if you have one.

Warning: I do NOT take same sex stories
(male/male, felmale/female) I have nothing against this but
i'm trying to keep my site viewable by all! If your story is
NC:17 i can take it and place a password on it Thanks!

2)Submission of links to your site:
again simply email me, your url, site name or banner.

3)Submission of your site for any of my awards:
email me you site url, which award your would like, and your email,
and i'll get back to you. (90% of the time the award is given!)

Any thing i've missed or any questions let me know (yes you guessed it)
by email! Thanks

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