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Delights of the Delta Story Fest

I have desided to hold a contest to celibrate the opening of my site, the running of this contest depends on more than 5 people entering!


  1. All stories MUST be rated, and have the authors name on! i wish to place them on my site and as such they need your name on so i can give credit and a rating as a warning if needed.
  2. The stories must be based around a couple, which is up to you! (J/C P/T D/S ect..)
  3. Stories can be sent in parts but please state this when you send it.
  4. Please no same sex stories!
  5. If your story has strong violence Please state when you send it. This is because i may place them on my site before i read them so it just helps me!!
  6. Be as creative as you like!!!!

Story Line

It is not a requirement that you use this storyline nor will you gain points for doing so! its is simply here for those that may need a hand in finding one, you may twist it and play around with it as you see fit.

(Taken from a Farscape episode; I always wondered what it would be like with a few changes made and turned in to a Star Trek episode!)

" Voyager encounters a dence nebular that blocks their sensors, the Delta Flyer is sent ahead to help Voyager navagate. but what happends when it becomes stuck and unable to move? what happends when they realise time doesnt exist, and that in those few minutes the rest of the crew have long since died? "
Do they get back to normal time? can they go back and help the crew? Who are they?

Ok not very good and inspired by a Farscape episode, can you do better? enter and show me!!


There will be One overall winner and Two runners up! judging is based on my personnal opinion. unless i get request for people to help with the Judging!! anyone wanting to help can not enter the contest as well!!!
All stories entered will be placed on my site for others to read unless specified otherwise. everyone recieves and award for entering. But as i said only three will be either a winner or one of two runners up they will get a special award for their story as well!

Sorry its not a lot but it is just a bit of fun!

Closing Date: July 12th!!! (This may change due to interest and how long it takes for me to finish my site!)

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