Thanks for stopping by.   My name is Dennis Baker, and this website will be showing some of the works I've been creating recently.

While I do sell my art, that is not the purpose of this site.  I am putting these out for view for  those interested in viewing the male form, nude or otherwise.  That's not to say that I would be adverse to hearing from someone who wishes to make a purchase.  Just send me an e-mail via the link to the right  and we can discuss it.

The range of images you will be viewing include what appear to be watercolor, oil, pastel, and sketches.  The reality is that all of these works were created by me on my computer.  I print my works on heavy weight matte or lustre paper, occasionally artists, canvas, and simply frame them matted under glass.  The paper and inks used should last better than commercial photographs so long as they are kept under glass and out of direct sunlight or overly bright indoor light.


baker'sart.jpg (55510 bytes) Sometimes, people get the notion that computer based art is easy.  It isn't.  It has the same inherent challenges that  any artistic medium does, the only difference being the tools being used to create it.  I am painstaking in achieving the look and feel for these works.  I use several graphics programs which I've come to know very well over the years. 

Each work takes about a day to create, a shorter amount of time than traditional methods I'm sure, but that shouldn't be construed as assembly line work.  Each of these works is unique.  I hope you enjoy viewing them.

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