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Vital Statistics:
* Porsche 928 S4
* 5.0 Litre V8
* 32valve, DOHCs
* Power = 320hp, 235kw
* 0 to 100kp/h = 5.9secs
* Top Speed = 275kph +

What's a 928?
Originally designed to replace the Porsche 911, the 928 was first introduced in 1977 and was manufactured until 1995. The 928 S4 was the 4th generation and was built in 1987 through to 1992. At that time it was THE fastest production car available. Built as a luxury grand tourer, the 928 was equipped with a front mounted and water cooled 5Litre V8 engine and packed with the most advanced technology Porsche could muster.

* Electrically adjustable seats, mirrors, windows, sun roof
* Climate control, front and rear Air conditioning systems
* Central locking, Cruise control
* ABS brakes and brake pad wear sensors
* Electronic engine management and fuel injection systems
* Warning Sensors for light globe failures, cam-belt tension, coolant, brake fluid, seat belt unfastened, engine oil and more!

I bought mine here, in Sydney Australia, in October 2000.
I've wanted a 928 since I first saw one back in about 1980.

To me, it's the ultimate sports car. It looks and performs like a REAL sports car, it's capable of easily doing more than 200kph in the right situation! And it's perfect as an everyday car to get me to work through Sydney traffic.


I sold my 928 after 3.5 years of fun and now have just 1 V8 toy.

My Mercedes CLK 430!

The CLK is silky smooth with a fantastic (LOUD) V8 exhaust note thanks to the AMG options!
My 928 S4: The color is called "FELSENGRUEN" which is dark golden gray
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