Dancing Irish Fairy

Hello, and thanks for stopping by.
My name is Dancing Irish Fairy.
I'm a Spirit Fairy at TSF!
I live with my Husband,Mom,Dad,
Sister and Brother-in-Law
in a Fairy Cottage in Vinemont Alabama.
We have lots of pets.
My husband and I have 3 cats
that live inside with us: Tyrone, Johnny and Tux
2 cats outside: bubbles and jekyll,
my baby girl vala, a min pin that lives inside with us
and a bull terrier named murphy outside.
My mom and dad have 2 min pins
that live inside named Lily and Daisy
and 3 cats outside: rufus, celeste and simone.
My sister has 3 cats inside
killer, jambi and iggy pop.
They also have a snow corn snake named judith.
Both my sister and mom also have fish.
We had an Emperor Scorpion named lou cipher
but he died a few days ago
and is now buried in the Pet Cemetary.

Pets at rest

We are very happy here.
We all pitch in together to get things done
and have a good time hanging out,
preparing meals and spending time together.
I am a type 1 diabetic and
have recently begun a lifestyle change
with my diet and exercise.
I've started taking long walks
on the pretty country road that runs
behind the house here and eating lots of salads.
I have lots of interests.
I love to watch movies and t.v.
My favorite shows are Supernatural, Prison Break
House, ER and One Tree Hill.
I love to read and write books and poetry.
I like to work and play on my computer.
Some of my favorite places to go are
If there's anything else you would like to know about me you can
Email Me
Also, Please sign my guestbook so i'll know you were here.
Thanks you and "Have a Fairy good day!!"
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