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Working to enjoy life, and help make life enjoyable for others...
Quiero mejorar la vida para todos.


the Egalitarian Tsalagi singerpoet, or just UnivHealthCareCa -Şiir: Cantando por mejorar el mundo and to help the world

My Deepest Concern is for
the URGENT need in the United States for Universal Health Care.

"we need to wean the American food system off its heavy 20th-century diet of fossil fuel and put it back on a diet of contemporary sunshine."
The last pages of this article explain how the US came to have such cheap oil-soaked food, and how to enlighten the policies which got us into this mess...

"Propose to the UN to form an International Consortium of energy scientists & researchers from all over the globe to develop alternative fuels for transportation. Could be a combo of biomass, fuel cells, renewables, etc. The US, as the greatest energy consumer, must show leadership in developing and promoting alternatives. "

Un pueblo espiritual unido Contra la Guerra!!

An egalitarian Jewish spiritual community (Chavurah) has registered with the National Conscietious Objectors Registry:

Stop The Traffik - Stopthetraffik.org - www.myspace.com/stopthetraffik

I'm putting the Israeli watchdog B'Tzelem back on my homepage after removing it long ago at the request of my now former Rabbi. It's the right thing to do.

Rosamund Stock's Network Project conferences and other events on my LiveJournal Blog.

Some of my favorite political and activist links:

Earn wuffle via a Gift Economy help and respect Society online called The Bitchun Society...

Help fight anti-Muslim discrimination.

A dialogue on Global Civil Society written by some friends of mine in an egalitarian spiritual communityChavurat Shalom.

A very good reason to write your Representatives and local newspapers to vote against CAFTA, which an activist friend of mine asked me to put up for her.

Here is another good reason to go travel instead of going to amusement parks.

Some SERVAS members working with freedom workers in South Africa.
Another reason to consider things carefully -by the Rabbi where I previously taught in the synagogue Hebrew School ...

The The Charitable Search Engine! Oblatoo seems to work well and I give to Amnestey International through my searches (can't find MSF or Doctors without Borders in their list yet...)

I am leaning more and more toward Open Borders as an ethical stance, in general.

CBS refused to run the MoveOn ad "Child's Pay." Check out the ad and the petition at: http://www.moveon.org/cbs/ad/
Is there poverty in your coffee cup? Plummeting coffee prices have caused a global humanitarian crisis. Learn how Oxfam International is working to help struggling coffee farmers around the world.

Just Cause

I found a struggle
Comrades beside
Heard music sung
For Justice and Peace
Honor preserved
Through fairness 
and Light

Oh, for a Wife who thinks similarly!
What ocean would I not cross, 
What thanks even more give,
With a Woman of Valor,
Honor and Romance,
This life to Live

Shir D.

Write elected officials, the practical VeggiVan, idealist organizations, the Freedom to Marry coalition, support GLBT rights all over the world, the RainForest.org, the Green Party, and intentional communities via IC.org. Legal Defense for the Earth, and an interesting project connected with voting software, GNU, and a project to build an open source voting machine...

I believe in going to rallies and protests, but these must be done (imho) in conjunction with using the existing system to make changes (i.e. petitions, organizing via groups and web sites such as letter writing campaigns, web sites, etc) for the freedom and equality of all, regardless of religion color creed gender etc. I believe that it is up to all of us to work to make changes for the better. More personal information about me on my details page... Please email constructive critiques, questions, etc to me at catalan_athens@yahoo.com

Paz para todos,
The Dancing Catalystic Dreamer CC Developing Nations
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Developing Nations license.

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