Welcome to the website of the band that will one day unify the entire world with merely the music we play and the words that we sing.  Well...ok, probably not, so enough with the BS and on to the actual info.
   This band was formed almost by accident. Chris, who has been playing guitar for five years, and had almost no one to play with. Poor Chris! So, Sean, his brother, took up drums and they began to play with one another. Not that way perv. Then his friend David, a fruit that Sean knew from school and his neighborhood, began to come over and jam with Chris and Sean. At first, he sucked, but then was trained by the best: Chris, and began to sound good. We jammed. It was fun.  Later, we formed a band when we felt that we were bored enough. We tried to think up names,  but eventually we stole our name from another fruity friend of Sean's: James.  Well, sort of, He had a blues song called Twilight Decline, or something gay like that, and Chris said Twilight Descent sounded better and it stuck.
We had the worst luck trying to find a bassist, but eventually we found out that Dan P., a kid in our neighborhood, played bass and we gave him a try.  We jammed once, and were like: sweet, we have a band.
Complaints and Compliments
Please, be kind, this is my first website that I have ever made, and I have almost no idea what I am doing.-Chris
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