Last Updated May 10, 2004
By Me.  Who Else?
Allo.... This is the boring first page of my site that nobody wants to go to.  But you have to, so I can count you!  *evil laugh*  So while you're here, I assume you want to be somewhere else, so i'm gonna tell you where you can go from here.

Back:  To where ever it is that you were before you came here.  Useful if you don't actually want to be here.

Forward:  If you clicked Back from some other place, you can change your mind and go back to that place! Can be very useful.

Me:  This is the page on which I avoid talking about my horses, which is a very difficult task for me.  It tends to not have much on it, since most of what I do is horse-related.

The Horses:  This is the most active page on this site.  I brag about my horses, what they do, and where they come from.

Random Pictures:  This is a seperate site that I use simply to host my various drawings and random pictures.

Xanga:  This goes to my journal on  I update here almost daily so if you're really interested in what I'm doing, you can go look.
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