Here are some people that I found on the net.

Fellow Leader (and former leader) Pages

Cindy M's Page
Lady Duttie's Manor-Victorian Themed Page
MicBran's Home
D_penguin's Page
Navpooh's Page
Patricia V's Page-Her family spot
Stacey's Page-Stacey's 100 Acre Wood.
Sunny's Pages-

Friends and Family

Gayla's Home Page-A good friend of mine from Richmond Hill, Ontario. Page has humour and lots of different links.
Snoop's Page-the ever wondering Snoop asks people to fill out his toilet seat survey. It's amazing the results.

Cat Pages

The Garfield Home Page
Beware of Cat!-lots of cat graphics, greeting cards and more!
Claw-a club for cats, by cats (with a little help from their hoomins!!)
Cat Basket
Purrfect Place
3 Color Cat's Homepage
Finger Prints and Paws-lots of graphics and about Rita's Cats
Cat Stuff-Lots of graphics
Just Us, Our Cats and All Those Dollhouses
Kays Cats
Kelly's Cat Archive
Lisaviolet's Cathouse
Madame Alto's Cathouse
Misty and Pickles Cat Corner
Pet Cat
Potter Kittiez on Parade-Great site. Lots of pictures of the ice storm that rocked Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Northeastern U.S. in early January 1998.
Purrinlot's Office
Sam-bo's Home Page
Sarah's Crazy Cat Corner
Dog and Cat Computer Corner-a place to find dog and cat desktop themes, screen savers, etc.
Catnip Calico's Popoki Corner-Lots of cat stuff including greeting cards, graphics, humour, poetry and lots more!

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