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We are going through a major renovation here so please excuse the mess. Things will be new and improved when I get done...even if it might be the next millenium! :-)

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until my 28th birthday on October 11, 2002. But really, who's counting????

I have been a Web Tech Member for over five years now. I am a member of the Web Tech Gurus Team. Feel free to contact me anytime and I will be sure get back to you. I am always here to answer questions and if I don't know the answer, I will ask everyone until I find one!

The cat pages are up with photos. You can see them here.

See the small amount of awards and clubs that myself and my cats belong to.

Go to see my wide assortment of great links that I have found in my time on the 'net!

For those of you coming through a webring, go to my Rings page to continue your travels!

We have a brand spanking new greeting cards page. Go and see it!

Announcement! Read about my friend's Trudy and Dan here. They were married in May 1999.

Of the Counterpeople that have visited my page since June 14th, 1997, less than 1/100 of them signed my guestbook.

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