This is the highest honour given by this site due to the outstanding website design, appearance and performance shown by the corresponding site. The judgement for this grade involve a thorough inspection of the site. This may increase the difficulties to be honoured by this grade because I am looking for the site which can nearly achieve perfect status, decided by me. However, there will be exception where special website will be honoured by this grade.  

This is the second honour given by this site. This grade seems easier to be obtained if compared with Grade I. But, they must at least shows that the site achieve the average standard of my judgement view.

Grade III is the third honour from this site. Most of the common sites will be graded with this grade. However, getting this grade means that the corresponding site need further improvement in order to upgrade the site to the higher grade. This will be a challenge for the webmaster in order to show their concern on the site's future development.

This is the lowest honour given to show my concern on the performance of the corresponding site. A site which gets this grade appear to be non attractive in my view. Further improvement and modification should be done to the site in order to at least achieve the common standard.

If you are interested to take the challenge to grade your site, please feel free to email me your site name and url.


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