28th June
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Owen Mitchell Park.  6PM Tuesday nights.      
This weeks Game
Kingz Vs Kaiapoi
Owen Mitchell park, 2.30pm
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Kingz Vs Varsity

   Was it the sight of Wynton on the sideline that inspired the Kingz or did it just make the Varsity players weak at the knees. From the kick off the Kingz produced the fastest goal of the season 10 seconds into the game and 1 nil up, thanks to a defensive blunder. The rest of the game was controlled by skillful team play. Five goal scorers for the Kingz, made it difficult for Varsity to do anything of substance.
The Penalty Spot
A note from the Editor:
              Hello dear readers, firstly many of you will probably not have realised (or missed) that The Penalty Spot disappeared from your screens for some time. This follows a rather foolish invitation by yours truly to invite Mr Dave Gardner along to Penalty Spot House, in late May, to speak to the staff. Dave invited us to try some of his herbal relaxant tablets as a bonding exercise. Well next thing I know, its mid-june and Im in Paris, naked, lying next to the grave of Jim Morrison. Anyway, we are still minus a few staff but operations are returning to normal.
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