Bros fans were identified as "Brosettes". The term Brosette is female, but I guess it just means anyone who was a fan. A male "Bros-er" doesn't really sound right does it!

Brosttes were very easy to spot, and were identified by their clothes... I myself was a Brosette (at 11 years of age!) and tried to wear the official Brosette clothes... I even saved up my pocket money and bought a pair of $80 Docs! (that was very very expensive to me at 11!)

How to identify a BROSETTE

James Dean... cool man!

Comfortable Jeans and belt buckles with big emblems such as Matt's James Dean badge. The more torn the jeans were, the better!

Matt's suuuper cooool

Sunglasses were important too. The "Top Gun" style was the best.

Lukes Jacket

The leather jacket, adorned with any cool badges. As with jeans, the older or worn it looks the better.

boxers.jpg (12412 bytes)

Matt's boxer shorts were a bit hit with the girls! But not only that, they were suddenly really fashionable to wear! I remember asking if I could get a  pair!

bag.jpg (11217 bytes) tshirt.jpg (8465 bytes)

Acessories from the concert/money order were quite popular.... I remember buying an "I Love Bros" bracelette :)

docs.jpg (14463 bytes)

Last but not least - the Doctor Martens, or Docs.These were the MOST essential item in the Brosette outfit, and you weren't really a Brosette without them. Weaving an imported bottle top in the laces was all the better!

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