The old Grand Am/Grand Prix website has been DESTROYED!  Mwahahahah.

This is the

Pontiac Grand Am 3100SFI V6 Performance Resource Website

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Dealing only with the 1994-1998 Grand Am 3100 SFI.

Because that's what I own, and therefore that's what I'm interested in.  So there.

Here I will have links to every forum, every part, and every website having anything to do with this car.  You will find a lot about the newer Grand Am's, of course, but I will attempt to link you directly to the pertinent info whenever possible.  If you feel you belong somewhere in this webpage, or if you see a way to improve it, please, email me.

I'm mostly interested in performance, so you will probably notice that I don't link to places that sell only stereos and neons.  Stereos and neons are generic, and therefore have no place on a specific site such as this.

I'm not interested in frills in a web-resource, if you can't tell.  My wife may add some pretties at some point, but don't bet on it.  All I'm interested in is providing a resource for this very hard to modify car. 

And now, on to the important stuff.

UPDATED (4-26-03)

Created a "Do it yourself" page for linking or storing any REALLY GOOD articles on how to modify our cars.  Keep in mind, I DID NOT create these articles.  They are in no way related to this website.  I just thought it would be a good idea to add those resources to what we already have.

UPDATED (4-15-03)

Got us a message board.  Spread the word!  We need more people in here talking about these cars.  I know that they're not exactly rare, so surely there's more people out there that want to talk about them.  Haven't found any new parts lately...been looking, though.

UPDATED!!! (1-28-03)

Added a link to a ram air hood in the parts section.  Added a guestbook to the bottom of this page.  Please sign the guestbook.  That way I know that the people that are visiting my site are real people, not just gnomes.  Not that I have anything against gnomes, mind you...

Shops that are willing to modify your car, by area.

Parts for your car.

Do it yourself resources

Forums where people talk about your car.

A Database of all of our cars.

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