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About me: I made Senior Chess Master, the highest national title, (2400 rating) in 1992 after 10 years as a master and a few years as a Life Master. I was Tennessee's second home grown master after my fellow 1979 state high school co-champion, Senior Master Curt Jones. I began teaching in the early 1980's and have many successful students. After relocating to the New York area, I became the first Online World Chess Champion. Top 2600 Grandmasters I have beaten include Christiansen, Rohde, Kudrin, Fedorowicz, Zaichik, Wolff, Hracek and Sagalchik. The highest rated person I have beaten was 2654. Hracek was 2650 FIDE and @ top 20 in the the world when I beat him. I have beaten several US champions and people who beat Bobby Fischer. The highest rated person I have played was FIDE World Champion and the successor to Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov. I have taught many individual lessons as well as public and private schools and Gifted and Talented Institutes.


Buy my new picture book “Learning Chess by Pictures” which includes basic strategy and tactics. It is meant for teaching children how to play chess but is good for anyone starting out. Email me to buy this e-book for 2 dollars!


I have been a top 10 vendor on the Internet Chess Club ( ) for several years with over 3500 online lessons since 1997 totaling 115,921 US Dollars! One of the most experienced teachers in the world at a very competitive rate.  See my vendor page for reviews.

Students have won 6 individual national titles so far: US Amateur, Denker Championship of State High School Champions, Champion of State Champions, National Class D Champion, US Junior under age 7 and K-5 National Scholastic 1100-1199 Champion! Can you be the 7th? As a coach with Minnesota’s Metcalf Junior High, we won 3 national team titles: 2013 U1000, U750 and 2014 U750!

Here is an overview of my Chess Lessons   We can have chess lessons over the Internet Chess Club (ICC), or the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS), using the telephone or Skype for video and audio chess lessons. My current rates are 30 dollars an hour and 55 for 2 hours. Slightly more for paypal. Any questions or to set up a lesson, please contact me at :

I have a series of Chess DVDs with real online lessons and an introduction for $25.87 with free US shipping, to help anyone needing to learn the moves to people preparing for tournaments. Included on the DVDs is my new picture book “Learning Chess by Pictures. Email me to buy this e-book for 2 dollars! You can also buy my book:   "My Best Games and Random Road Stories". E-book for $13.97, signed and autographed for $52.42 with free US shipping. Here is a Sample Game 

Many ask for general advice. Try for Opening advice and for the Middlegame and Endgame.

I believe a good young chess student has plenty of time for excellence at chess and school! Us older folks can always get better!

I have a Ph.D. from the NJ Medical School. Here are several of my science papers:

***** My Game with Karpov:  Hulk Kogan keeps Karpov's Team from first!! *****

Click here for a column covering the 1st team game:  Kasparov vs THE WORLD

Many have called chess a science and Edinburg, Scotland is awarding a Ph.D. in chess. If interested in science, heres a link to some of my work with microarray data from a collaboration with Harvard. Antioxidant ResearchCancer cells and novel therapeutics:

 See a 69' Chrysler I gave to my nephew + old Tennessee neighborhood  Click here for my brother's '70 Road Runner

See the 2 links below for my pictures with World Champion Karpov and then US Women's champ courtesy Atlantic Chess News editor Ken Thomas.


Handshake with Karpov Chance of a lifetime! Very few Americans have played a World Chess Champ.

Karpov and me in battle Then Fide Champion, US Women's champ Irina Krush (pronounced Kroosh) versus the team that put them 2nd, Hulk Kogan!

Click here to see how the World "bluffed" Kasparov in the most predicted line, 30. Qf8 b4 31. h6 b3  32. Qf5+: as given by the Computer Chess Team and posted on MSN 32...e6!{Crafty/"DummyDave"/D'Ambrosio/McCarthy} e6! was an unbelievable move. A great free Chess lesson in analysis from one position!


Free Sample Chess column!!:  February 1999 Atlantic Chess News: Get the earliest report on The 1999 US Amateur East Teams and see a win over international star IM Maurice Ashley. The game gives a good example of our database oriented research style and what you can expect when your games undergo the same treatment. Update: 3/99: Grandmaster Ashley made the national news with his title winning performance at the Manhattan chess club. I am glad my 2 wins over Maurice this year didn't trick me into saying he wasn't GM material! 







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     Although I have twice finished in the top 20 of the national Grand Prix (like a money list),  have a peak USCF in the 2400's, held the Grand Prix record for all people under 2400 and have games published in many places like the chess encyclopedias and informants, if you have lots of money and time, you probably will pay a Grandmaster if you want chess lessons. However, if you are looking for results in a chess teacher, chess coach, whatever you call us, I think you are in the right place now! Experienced guidance can increase anyone's rate of improvement. I teach a  new way to analyze in structured chess lessons! Chess is not brain surgery. I treat chess as a complex, but not overly difficult, series of math problems. Creativity and ingenuity along with a sound understanding of the known postulates are absolute pre requisites for expertise at either. Current and former students, along with other chess masters are using a new teaching system that combines positions from the Botvinik, Russian school with the latest technology and databases. The web has accelerated chess theory and most top players carry a laptop. Many satisfied customers testify to our simple methods. You will too, if you give us a worthy effort. Let the son of a basketball coach teach you the fundamentals. I have a novelty on move 4 in Encyclopedia A and 2 more novelties in the newly revised Encyclopedia B as well as games in Informants 39 and 51 and on most CD collections like Extreme Chess. There is a recent column linked below for a sample of my analysis style, as well as a link to more wins over titled players. It should be easy to see you can practice what you preach. when choices are based on the oldest chess principles. We have distilled the most complex computer programs in accordance with the Steinitzian school of chess advocated by World Champion Lasker. It demands an idea of how you are going to win, after gaining small advantages, before attempts at decisive action are undertaken. There is much more to study and using your time wisely is vital these days.

I finished 16th in the national Novag sponsored Grand Prix in 1994 and 20th in 1993. I have been the national under 2400 Champion twice with a record 110 points, surpassed only by chess legend and overall Grand Prix champion, IM Igor Ivanov. 110 was enough grand prix points to win it all in some years, but enough about the fall of the Soviet Union's influence on chess. I understand both professional chess and scholastic chess. My peak published rating is 2415. I am a Senior Master and Life Master and have had as many as five students in the top fifty for their age group at once. I encourage all levels and ages and believe everyone can benefit from my simple system. The fundamentals of the game: time space and force, form the basis of my teaching system. If you are interested in lessons please e-mail me at Students can take weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lessons on line, at the Internet Chess Club or the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). I have free long distance for the continental USA and can call you. Some prefer a headset with Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN or Yahoo.

I am available on the internet and in person for individual and group chess lessons, school programs, game or opening analysis, along with simultaneous exhibitions and group lectures.

I use several databases, primarily Chess Assistant with the computer programs Komodo, Houdini, Rybka and Stockfish. I have a Bookup database that contains 2.4 million sorted positions and 35,000+ GM games. From Morphy to the current Super GM tournaments, they are in my databases. I compiled a good percent of Bookup’s best selling London System database, which they sell at their site. I understand how to create unique opening systems based on someone’s personality and chess skills.

My system uses the latest technology and most recent information. Scholastic players or old veterans will benefit from my constantly updated learning techniques. See my games in The Week in Chess (TWIC) # 141 games 302 and 313. Please use the link below.

Links to the Web:


My Game with Karpov:  Hulk Kogan keeps Karpov's Team from first!!

 My Column in Chess Horizons  

My first 2 TWIC Games Annotated: Chess and the Chicago Bears  

Bookup has a shareware viewer to see the database I have used.

Visit our Federation for information on tournaments and more Chess Basics

Articles on the Benefits of Chess:

Best single site for research on Chess Benefits in Schools!

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Purdue Coach Hazell and Chess

Love and chess defies theories on race and test-scores.

Chicago Tribune: chess players building blocks fork

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Chess is also a game which has fascinated mankind for centuries. It is my hope that learning how to play better will increase your enjoyment of the Royal Game!

Past News and Updates:

5/2016 A student from Downers Grove, IL wins the K-5 National Scholastic 1100-1199 Championship!

4/2015 Another student reaches the top 10 for age 8!

9/2013 Student moves into age 8 top 30 with more points in the bank! 397 points in 1 year with 142 more unofficial!!

2009: Top 10 Internet Chess Club vendor (

7/05 Student takes 1 lesson and wins the under 7 championship!!!!!

4/01 Big news!! My 1st student to reach 1st in his age group!! Many students have made the top ten and even 1 International Master, but a hard working 7 year old talent named Adityla  was the 1st to reach the top of his age group! Adityla rockets to the highest rated 7 year old in the country in only his second top 50 list!! Anyone asking how fast can someone improve under my system need only look at Adityla's 748 rating of April 2000 when he started taking chess lessons and his 1172 in April of 2001 that tops his age group!

2/01 Adityla Naganath arrives on the top 50 list at 35th for under age 8. Since he just turned 7, he will have plenty of time to improve on 35th. Congratulations! ( top 50 lists at

9/99 Tommy makes the top dozen for his age, 31 points ahead of the talented son of IM Kaufman.

8/98 Tommy Bartell is the 1998 NJ High School Co-Champion as a freshman!

7/97:   I finished the World Open with a 6-3 score, losing only to former Soviet GM  (@2630) Serper and beating former Soviet GM (2614) Gennadi Zaichik with black and the next round a 2589 originally from the Phillipines, IM Sevillano. This set up my first "Simulcast" game on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) live coverage (the Serper game), en route to a $ 3000.00 payday! Both wins have incorrect endings in "The Week in Chess #141", but with my scoresheets they did a good job getting to the end. My 4th queen of the day sacrificed herself  for the finale and a provisionally rated day of 3002. If you are new to tourneys, a provisional rating is your opponents rating + or - 400 points on a win or loss and you get their rating to average on a draw. The highest USCF ratings ever achieved is Bobby Fischer's 2814.

     In the last round, with black, I drew former Moscow youth champion, USCF 2600 player, US Junior Champ and current Samford scholarship ($30,000.00) winner Boris Kreiman. I repeated last year's successful American vs former Soviet battle; GM Alex Shabalov vs GM Mike Rohde! Perhaps Grandmaster Rohde could have won my position, he beat  Shabalov. I ended up holding a pawn down rook and pawn ending for an extra $2000.00. Due to the nature of the prize fund a draw won as much money as a win. I am glad rook and pawn endings are a frequent part of our lessons. See my annotations of the two TWIC games above.

6/97 : We have two students in the top ten for their age in the latest rating supplement! Tommy Bartell, age 14 and Vikram Premkumar (Vik on ICC) age 11. They both play for Jack Collin's scholastic teams. Jack was Bobby Fischer's first teacher and the chess teacher with the greatest ability to influence children in a positive direction. Money won't buy you onto a Collins Kids team. Only certain ratings based on age are eligible. Every Collins Kid earned their way onto the team. They represent in events in Iceland among other places.

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