August 1, 2003
Feeling fairly good today so thought it was a good time to write. I'm still working at UCSD in the Department of Neurosciences. Busy right now but there is often down time that I generally use to surf the net looking for more relatives. Sometimes I even find live ones! That is especially exciting.

September 22, 2003
This last weekend was my 40th high school reunion. Go Eagles! Since I hadn't attended either the 20th or 30th reunion I hadn't seen any of my classmates since 1973. It was held at the Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino in Lakeside. See for the website I created. Angela went with me, hurray.

September 30, 2003
Saturday Angela and I went to Carla's scrapbook class. Angela finished her Fiji album. I think she'll tackle the San Francisco trip next. I'm still working on the Feb 2003 Las Vegas trip. I had to redo the first few pages because they had what might have been mold, I'm not sure. I found my missing postcards and will add them as well.

October 2, 2003
Got an email from Missy with cheer leading photos. She sure looks cute in her uniform.

October 6, 2003
Going to the doctor today for my yearly checkup.

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