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The Raven

The Raven at my window,
tapping out my name.
Speaking to me fondly,
wants us to fly away.

The beating of the drummer,
echoing deep inside.
The Raven now readies,
our eternal ride.

The bundle has no power,
old ways are now dead.
Nothing left to hold me,
the owl nods his head.

Mother Earth accept me,
I touch the four winds.
Soon I will be going home,
The Raven told me so.

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Broken Glass

Cracked and broken
facets of glass
distorted reflections
bringing forth doubts.

Bangs and bumps
added by neglect
all that is left
is this broken glass.

When darkness descends
no light to reflect
the mirror that cracked
cracks yet more.

Outward appearances
can be so deceiving
no one can see
the mirror in you.

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I did it right

A distant high-way,
so long ago.
A younger person
now is old.

I've paid my dues,
I pulled my load.
Why is it I stand,
all alone?

Others cheated,
through out life.
They reap the lies,
they have a life.

I walked the narrow,
I did it right.
Some comfort.....
In the night.

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Silver flashing
cutting deep
oh, the price
we have to pay.

The knife held,
innocent hands
inflicting wounds
blood now flows.

Broken children,
without sin
What's been done
to all of them?

Broken, empty
nothing real.
No one sees
no one feels

Vacant eyes
nothing jives
so tired of
parental lies.

Beaten, abused
daddy played games
what have we done
to the human race?

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Ravens Playground

Dark forest, twisted trees,
entwine together, evil dance.
Raven sees with knowing eyes,
lost souls that flee His way.

Down the path you still come,
Raven hears your every step.
It's His world you're in now,
Owl can't save your feeble soul.

Vines reaching, as to pull you in,
deeper into the swirling mist.
Branches from the gnarled trees,
opening, as a lovers embrace.

Raven waits, wings unfurled,
a tasty morsel for a hungry god.
The path you chose is at it's end,
it is much to late to turn around.

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Empty Lot

An empty lot
a house once stood
'twas never truly a home.
No children's laughter
no here ever after
no lovers on the porch.
They pulled him down
tore him apart
he uttered nary a sound.
I wonder what lay inside
for all that is left,
is a hole in the ground.
He never stood a chance
that run down little shack,
when people came to look
all they did was laugh.
So perhaps he is better off
perchance he found peace.

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Feelings of Loneliness

Like a lighthouse without an ocean
a snowflake on a summers' day.
A child without a playground
a life without a love.

A sailor without his ship,
a sailboat without the wind.
A soul with a broken wing,
a person who doesn't know love.

A wave without water,
a Robin without air.
An emptiness inside of you,
that only love can fill.

Empty chamber, hollow sound
that's how loneliness feels.
Lost, forgotten, upon the road,
without a map to be read.

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Good Kentucky Bluegrass

A lawn, freshly painted,
uniform in how it grows.
And yet a blade of grass,
stands out from the rest.

He doesn't want to conform,
to standards not his own.
To stand as little soldiers,
to be cut down once again.

Many others shun him,
as he grows slightly bent.
Many others move away,
as his color's slightly off.

Good Kentucky Blue Grass,
once there he had belonged.
Now he has pulled up roots,
and started his own lawn.

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I am not happy in this masquerade,
how do I stop this awful play?
This mask is as a second skin,
how do I shed what I feel within?

I act out life as if on a stage,
waiting for the curtain, the next wave.
I can sell them anything they buy it all,
But they can't see, I'm lonely as hell.

I get good reviews, I know my part well,
why couldn't someone read between the lines?
I go back to my emptiness and wait,
waiting for my next cue.

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Tommy Knockers

Dressed to kill no where to go
Tommy Knockers at my door
wanting me to come out and play
to play with them forever more.

They can't come in, not allowed
the meds keep them far away
they will lie, and lie in wait
waiting to pounce upon a mistake.

Tommy Knockers go away
don't come another day
I hear them scratching to get in
waiting to drag me down instead.

Oh, lonely night once again
just me and the open line
tapping on keys in the night
the monitor my only light.

It's a fight, always a fight
keep moving forward
getting knocked back
away from the light.

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