Tare Panda Bracelet
This design is to honor my favorite Japanese character (besides Hello Kitty, that is) Tare Panda. I'll make it in any size you wish, just tell me how many inches around you would like. Same goes for all my bracelets.
Donut Bracelet
I saw this design somewhere and I was inspired to make my own. I'll use any colors you would like.
Pancake Earrings
*this style can also be made into a bracelet for $7
Donut Earrings
I have samples of a pink set and a brown set. But if you would like a different color, I can do it.
These designs can be made with any color beads...just ask me what I have available. I can do the earrings with or without beads between the charm and the hook. My samples are shown without beads. Would you like different colors on the sprinkles/frosting of the donuts? Just ask!
Have a different idea you'd like me to try? Send me pictures, descriptions, anything you'd like and I'll let you know if it's possible.
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