Custom Boxes
Using wooden boxes, scrapbook paper, felt, acrylic paint, and anything else that looks exciting, I've made custom boxes for all of my friends. They make great gifts!! Here are some samples of the ones I've made for other people and for myself. So, these aren't for sale. But I can make similar boxes, or I can make them any way you want. Just ask! Prices vary.
Amanda's Box
This was made for a friend's birthday. I used a lot of pink, a black and white photo of our group of friends, and some words cut out of magazines.
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Celtic Festival Box
I made this box for myself, to hold oils. I used photos from a recent festival I went to. I zoomed in on the photos to show small aspects of each one. I also covered the sides with the song lyrics from the bands that performed that weekend.
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GGW Crew Boxes
I made these for my 3 best friends and myself. It was hard to find scrapbook paper that came in four different styles. Inside is a black and white photo of the four of us.
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Kristen's Box
This was the first box I made using felt on the inside rather than paper. I also tried a design with mirrors.
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My Memory Box
I made this box for me and three of my roommates. The sides and inside are covered with photos of all of us together. The lid inside and outside are covered with words to describe each person.
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Lauren's Box
I made this one quickly, before I headed off to school, as a birthday present. It's the second box made using felt. It's great for rings and bracelets.
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Samantha's Box
This was made for a friend before she headed off to Spain for a semester. It's pretty simple, using stickers, paint, and paper. But, I think it turned out really well because it fits her style perfectly.
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My Sister's Box
This probably wasn't my best piece but I made it simple for her because she likes doing her own designs and add-ons.
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Shelley's Box
This is also a pretty simple design, for my friend who is in a band. She's the only girl in a group of 5 so I thought it would be nice for her to have somewhere to put little things. The inside words are from the title of one of the band's songs.
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Michelle's Box
This was made pretty fast, using purple felt, a stone butterfly, and some new music paper I've been working with.
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Guitar Pic Box
I made this to show off my favorite pic. You can send me a pic to put in the box or you can do it yourself. I'll put anything in the window as long as it fits!
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Sorority Box
This was made for my roommate's sorority.
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Fee Verte
My favorite! I needed a makeup box, so I made this for myself.
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Beth's Box
Hello Kitty, bright colors, music and stars...that's what Beth is all about!
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Like I said, these are custom boxes. So, I will work with any idea you may have.
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