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About me:
I'm a 3rd year college student who loves music, movies, going to concerts, Irish music, and all things art. I enjoy writing, painting, making jewelry, and all types of crafts. I thought I'd put off getting a real job for a while and see what I can do with my creations first. I'm in desperate need of rent money, food money, and well...laundry money, like most college students.

About my site:
Like I said, this is my space to show off my art and hopefully you'll want to buy some. I'm all about customizing items and making them exactly how you want them. I take bulk orders and I'd be happy to create large orders for your company, girl/boy scout troup, parties, or anything really.

Unfortunately, I cannot accept credit card payments. I take cash, money order, and if necessary, I will take checks. I'll ship anywhere in the world as long as you are willing to pay shipping. And, I don't have a standard shipping rate, it's based on where you live and how much you buy. So, please take a look around, and email me if you are interested in anything. We'll chat, find out exactly how you'd like something, and then I'll get to work on it.

T-shirts and magnets will be coming soon, probably by the end of September!

Thanks, enjoy the site!
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