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My homepage is of course the main page I built. Was a time it was also the tattiest because it was a little history of how I learned HTML. Now I did a complete redesign and did my own graphics all over it. I started out with one nice, neat unifying theme type idea... then I got another idea... and another... so now it is rather more like a complex than a single home. It is always under construction, of course, so some of it is only half built with links hanging out to nothing, mostly where I'm in the middle of writing a story.

Pages I have built:

The Church of Our Guy David Duchovny I did the backgrounds and banners and bars for this. Very varied stuff, some of it is like rooms, some like a book. I built the lot.
robotcircuits' homepage my little brother's page. He rather liked the stuff in the EZ editor so it is a very simple page.
DorianT's fanfic page Highlander stuff. Basically a big list with a couple of nice swords and some background music.

Squeeky MacWench's Richfic Guide
A nice little table and list with an animated sword & lightning I did myself.

Jessica's page Mostly about Music. I did the background pics for this page. I set it up for her, since then she has got the hang of html herself so she changed it.

Write to me, beccaelizabeth if you would like me to have a go at a page for you.
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