Long Distance Running and Reincarnation

This is something I wrote whilst writing up a story inspired by a dream, so it is all fictional and I dont know if it will make much sense to anyone else.

Cos is the guy she does stuff because of, and Mac is a friend and mentor that always seems to be ahead of the game.

Cos had sent me on a long race once, to help me understand reincarnation. It hadn't at the time.

It started off quite pleasant, me all enthusiastic on a sunny spring day.

As I went on though I found that bright sun wasn't the nicest weather for running in. I got more and more tired as the rest of the runners streamed off ahead of me at higher speeds. Then for a while all I could see of the other runners was one guy with a bright shirt way in front of me. I just focused on this guy, trying to catch up with him. Heaven knows what would have happened if he'd gone off course.

Sometimes there were people by the course, mostly just faces, but some friends cheering. sometimes my friends joined in and ran alongside me, or offered cups of drink. Mac would turn up every now and then, by the roadside, grinning and nodding as I went past, always ahead of me and standing there nonchalantly. But then he had a car.

Finally theres the home stretch, and Cos is there at the finish line, smiling and cheering me on, and somehow I pull out my last reserves and speed up to go join him, and I'm there and I've finished and it feels great. So he hugs me and pats me on the back and hands me some lucozade and I'm gulping it down trying to recharge quick as I can and he says "That was great! Well done! Only another twenty of these to go this year." And its about then I faint.

The time between lives is like the time between training sessions,it is the recovery that makes you stronger.

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