Ethan Rayne

Ethan Rayne is a character from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I've been a fan of Buffy since the film but while the show was running I didn't feel the need to write any fanfic, because Joss always delivered. The moment it finished I got half a dozen plot bunnies. The Spike related ones mostly got taken care of in Angel the series (which I am also a fan of) but there is a total lack of Giles, and even on Buffy lately there has been a lasting lack of Ethan. This needs to be corrected.

When I started this page I had 6 different stories in various stages of planning, all of them about Giles and Ethan, even though one of them never mentions Ethan by name. One story even had two whole pages of actual story written already. I had to stop and rewrite the beginning because I decided the first line actually kicked off an entirely different fic but still, two pages. Way more than I'd written since all the Highlander fans wandered off. I figured if I kept going at that speed, I may yet finish a story.

So now I have 22 solidly planned and another couple seasons vaguely planned of a Ripper series, about ghosts, featuring Ethan. I've got pages and pages of notes. But so far, only the 0th actual story. *sigh* I'm really good at the notes part, someday I'll be just as good at the writing.

I've also started writing some stories set back in 1975, when Ripper and Ethan first met. I thought it was only going to be one story, but the sections I've written already amount to more than 12000 words, and it only covers a couple of nights down the pub. So, I'll call it a series and start posting parts soon.

I thought I might start posting plot bunnies here, but mostly I collect those in my LiveJournal, mostly collected in my memories.

Ethan hasn't stopped talking to me since September 2003. Which is pretty cool. So most of my writing output features him now.

I have some speculation on punk and glam, where I try to fit together what we think we know about Giles and Ethan's musical tastes with a timeline of 70s music.

I disagreed with some of what the owner of Chaos Child had written about Ethan, so I wrote to them about it, so now they put my little essay on their site. Coolness. Go read. It isn't all I believe about Ethan, he would sit there and laugh at me if it was the only side of him I saw, but it is a side that the other essay on that site missed.

I wrote an essay about Janus that tries to explain the version of Janus we see in the episode Halloween, and how there arent as many contradictions between that version and the historical Janus as would at first glance appear. It also tries to explain Ethan dedicating himself to Chaos to call on Janus.

2nd December 2004, another essay
Why, if there were no Watcher's Council, it would be necessary to invent one.

I put the first draft of any Ethan related thoughts in my livejournal. Work in progress so far, so it isn't posted here too, but if you don't mind WIP you can look there. Everything memoried by character. My Buffyverse entries should be here.

I edited together all the words Ethan said in his various episodes, so I could sort out his voice and compare it to the other characters. I figure if I found it useful others might too, so here are Ethan's words. Less than 1200 ever, including translations, stutters and uh noises. And yet he fills my head. *sigh* *thinks* *happy place sigh*

Five Black and Gold Rings
My first finished Buffyverse fanfic!
Five things that never happened to the ring Giles wears.
G/E in parts, with crime and kissing.
November 2004

Deep Insight
Ripper, Ethan and magic, back when they've only just met. Ripper says it isn't slash. Ethan has other ideas.
Visuals at one point got to 'glad I don't eat meat' levels of disturbing.
December 2004
Now fits in the series 'The First Times'

The First Times
A series of stories about all the things Ripper does for the first time in his year in London.

The series as a whole is a work in progress, but each section linked to is a complete incident or whole story. And canon tells us how it all ends.

RIPPER: Fools Journey

Once upon a time, there was to be a series called Ripper.
It would star Giles, and it would be about ghosts.
Well, I'm still waiting.
In the meantime, I figured I'd write it myself.

Since ghosts are a central feature, character death is going to happen throughout the series. But that doesn't always remove them from the story. So sometimes the warning is character death, and sometimes it is more character transformation.

The first episode is 0 because it is the setup, a transitional episode getting all the characters in the right place. Also because I used Tarot cards as inspiration for the 22 episodes, hence 'Fools Journey', and the Fool is card 0.

0 : Before You

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
completed, 31000 words

Card 1 of the Major Arcana is The Magician, also known as the Bateleur.

1: Magician/Bateleur
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
completed, 23500 words

links go to my LiveJournal
In theory I will make a fancy intro page, contents page, and full story local file for each story. In practice this may take a while.

I'm trying to make a big list of Ethan links, but I link to a few archives from here:

Degenerate Son Be Seeing You
Ripped Off, the new location

and one I don't always agree with, but it archives stuff:
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