My Dad

My Dad died at about 5am on the 16th of June 1998 and I made this page in his memory.






My dad was basically a nice bloke.

He looked after us really well when we were little, carrying us around and letting us all sleep on him and stuff. He answered our questions, even the strange ones, at one time explaining what a geosynchronous orbital satellite was with the orange lumpy chew ball. He let us read whichever of his books we wanted, so in a way he gave us all the stars and a million other worlds.

He took us down the pub, taught us to play pool and various card games and let us have fun on plenty of long afternoons. He taught my brother so well they won local competitions. He made sure we knew how to defend ourselves if we needed to and taught me to shoot, air rifles and a bow. He talked to us about politics and world affairs and the importance of reading newspapers. He talked to everyone about politics actually :-) And why the bloke in charge in Aliens was an idiot, and the time in school when they relocated that car, and the time he got his shirt torn off in rugby, and...

He got me started watching Star Trek and a whole load of other shows that I still watch. He encouraged us all to study to the best of our ability and told us to follow our dreams. In short, he looked after us the best way he knew and shared his interests with us. That is how I choose to remember him, and though we all moved out years ago we never stopped loving him. I'm going to miss him, but then I've been missing him for years already. I hope he got what he wanted and wherever he ends up is better for him than this life around ended up being.


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