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This is my '89 Camaro RS convertible.This page will be about the car and mods ,past, present and future. The current mods include Unlimited Products f/b cowl hood, Billet Specialties' 17" GT45 rims with matching steering wheel,Myron-Davis indash motorized monitor with built-in DVD& CD & FM tuner,Rockford-Fosgate 4 channel amp,MB Quart 4x6 'Polk 6.5 speakers,Avital alarm with remote start,blue led dash light conversion, and an iroc-z grill with aftermarket foglamps. Future  mods include LS-1/T56 drivetrain and i have a complete suspension including rear disc posi from an iroc-z. The 'vert has under 100k miles and is very solid and rust free. If you listen late at night, you can hear it murmuring "LS-1/T56" over and over and who can blame it for that?
STAY TUNED my car is a project, so I will update my site as work progresses.update:09/25/03 energy suspension master polyurethane bushing kit has been purchased shocks/struts/ball joints/tie rods&steering components next. 5/17/04 The camaro is now in paint shop, a complete paint job with 1st gen silver rally stripes is being done,I will post pics as soon as it's done.5/30/04 '99 LS1/T56 with 43,000 original miles has been purchased.All necessary parts to do conversion were included. As soon as car is out of paint shop , I will begin to pull out old motor/trans ,woo hoo!7/13/04 car is out of paint shop ,looks great! please click on "the pics" "more pics" "LS1/T56 info" or "Yipes!Stripes!" for more pics
the pics
more pics
LS1/T56 info
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