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The Camper Project I, Page One: The Bounder
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by Lloyd Harrison Whitling

Our Bounder RV Motorhome is for sale at a ridiculously low price


Our Bounder self-propelled house on wheels, sitting lonely where we found it.

As we found it. Not a bad-looking rig, right?

The Bounder

We bought it in August of 2006, a 1987 34S Bounder we found in Franklin, Tennessee.

The owner told us it had been sitting unused for nearly three years, so we felt pleasantly surprised and hopeful when it started right up. The engine sounded rough, the manifolds leaked, and the brakes were stuck. I couldn't tell amidst all the squeaking, popping and sputtering sounds made by leaking exhaust gasses if all the cylinders were firing, but I could detect no smoke from the engine. We found delamination on the street side when we began looking it over, learned the generator won't run, and the chassis battery seemed almost dead when we first cranked it up. We could smell a strong odor of gasoline around the back side, which scared us about it, but could see no leaks when I crawled underneath.

For plusses, we liked the floorplan and the general condition of its interior. It appeared to have been cared for and kept clean. The roof seemed solid, and the seller told us everything was in working order when he had last used it. He thought most of its problems could be cured with fresh fuel in the tank.

Mindful of the effects that a three-year time-span could have, and that we would likely need to replace all 6 tires before we could contemplate serious use (time limit on tire safety is 5 years from the DOT date code), we made our deal. I think he wanted to cry, but felt glad to finally see it go. We promised to take good care of it, to love it, and then hurried off to find the money before he could change his mind.

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