Welcome to my family sapling.....right now it's not much of a "tree", but it will be growing as I can research and confirm information. Unfortunately, due to the deaths of my grandparents in February, 2009, I found much of the tree information I had sought during their lives but was unable to secure. Through the pain of their passing comes the bittersweet news I'd long sought

  This site was inspired by the extensive work done by my husband on his family tree. That site can be found on the links page for those who want to see that colossal gem. And since our daughter and son (yet another site in the links section) will have access to ancestral information on one side of their family, it is only fair to give them the same information on this side.

  Most of the information right now is basic. I'm working with my mother (who apparently has more knowledge of my father's side than even he does!) to fill in the blanks. As we locate more gravesites and fill in the holes, this site will blossom into a beautiful tree.