What you should know about me.....
Personal info:
MY personality:
Sheer, sophisticated ,Selective, Self-assured, straight forward, Smart, supportive, strong,  single, sensible, sharp, sympathetic, strange, sincere,  sexy & sweet.

MY view on relationship:
A good relationship requires loving another person unconditionally, being brave, honest and open and letting another person get to know the real you. It means opening up your most vulnerable inner self and learning to trust someone enough to let them get close to you and vice versa. A good relationship means accepting a partners' feelings, beliefs and wishes and accepting that they are different

I'm hoping to find any  caring, and sensitive and sexy woman. She should have a passion for herslef to improve and explore the hidden nature within herself. Someone who is not afraid to show her feelings, and open up to me. But first, let's just become friends, and then see who it develops.

I don't like to involve in any 'gay' activities.
Man is for Woman and its natural and sweet....... better than the "sweet" ...... 

Name :


167 cm (5' 7")

Skin color:
Dark brown

Eye & hair:

Features :

Senstive massage
Oral activities
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