...When you are in the dark, listen, and God will give you a very precious message…~ Oswald Chambers
    You may or may not have heard of soaking before.  Not a lot of people know what soaking is yet.  Soaking is a way of praying, thus the term soaking prayer.  Soaking prayer is still a relatively new trend, but it is gaining a larger following every day.  If you look up "soaking prayer" on the Internet, you will get various explanations as to what it is.  However, the way I like to explain it best is by this famous quote:

              "God gave us music that we might pray without words."

     Soaking involves relaxing your mind and body while listening to anointed soaking prayer music.  You become an open channel for God's message as you soak and pray alongside the music.  You feel very close to Him.  Our support program ends every meeting with at least one hour of soaking prayer, and I find it has brought me a lot of peace.

     The reason I love soaking prayer so much is that music communicates to my soul in a way that words alone cannot.  I feel closest to God when soaking. 
    Soaking is best when done in the company of others, however, soaking can also be done alone, too.  Soaking involves one-on-one communication with God.  Make sure you have some quiet time set aside for soaking as it should not be rushed.  Clear out all your negative thoughts.  Focus on receiving.  Soak with a sincere heart.  If soaking with others, ry to avoid chattering with the other while soaking.  This can be difficult as many things come to your mind as you soak, however it distracts from the whole intent of the soaking session.  Be still.

      Before starting the soaking prayer session, choose appropriate music.  There are several artists who have recorded music specifically for soaking prayer.  Most of them are beautiful instrumental albums, with the occasional sprinkle of lyrics.  Not a lot of stores carry soaking music, and most of the soaking prayer music must be purchased online.  I have included links to several soaking music catalogues on this Web site, which you can browse by
clicking here. I have also included samples of my favourite soaking music near the bottom of this page. 

     However, I realize that purchasing anointed Christian music is not always possible for some.  And for those without the ability to do so, I suggest playing classical music.  Listen to some calming Mozart or Bach, or find some nice cello or violin sets, such as The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and soak through the beauty of the classic masterpieces.  Classical music is quite often free for lending from most public libraries.  When listening to this classical music, thank God for the brilliant musical talents he has bestowed on mankind, and know that the music is pure.  Never soak to music that is not pure.

     There is no time limit to soaking.  Some people soak for hours and some for only a short time.  I recommend you soak for at least one album's worth of music - close to an hour or more.  Soaking takes time for full effect and the benefits are amazing.  You will feel very peaceful and grounded afterwards.
"Enlightened" by AD Cook
~ buy this painting here ~
    Prepare a comfortable place to soak. You can soak inside or outside.  You can soak anywhere you like.  I like to soak in the living room, as it has a lot of room for the guests to sprawl out.  I like to dim the lights, but that is not necessary.   You may want to provide pillows or blankets.  Some people enjoy sitting while soaking, while others prefer laying down.  Ensure where you are soaking is a place with positive energy.  Do not invite insincere hearts into the soaking group.  Let people be while they soak.  Sometimes, people like to lie together when soaking.  Sometimes people prefer to soak alone in a corner.  Whatever way feels right, do it.  Soak with people you are confortable with.  Love the people you are soaking with.  
    For those who would like them, official "soaking prayer kits" are available online (click here) through the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Web site.  These soaking prayer kits provide people with all the tools and information they need to host soaking prayer sessions in their home, office, school or church.

     One package includes attending soaking prayer training seminars in Toronto, Ontario at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship home.  This particular package costs more and self transportation to T.A.C.F. is required.  However, there is a much cheaper package, which provides you with 2 training videos and 3 soaking prayer music CDs.  You will learn the vision of Soaking Centers, how to minister in your home , how to lead someone to Christ , healing life's hurts, moving in the prophetic , contemplative prayer , the importance of forgiveness and how to soak one another.
    Here are samplings from the actual soaking music I currently use.  Click on the CD cover image to hear a sample track play.  I have provided links to all of the artists on this Web site, you can browse them by clicking here
"...I am increasingly seeing that God wants me to use my violin as an instrument of prophesy. Obviously, it does not speak with words, and so this is a mystery to me. However, I believe that at times God says to me "PLAY" and so I play...whether it is over congregations, individuals, or places. If God is saying to do it, then I am trusting that something is happening in a realm that I am not aware of. Music is such a powerful tool in His hands, and I believe that the highest call on a musicians life is to play or sing at the prompting of the living God. The power inherent in music is beyond anything we could imagine, and when we submit that into His hands, there is no telling what He will accomplish!.." ~ Ruth Fazal
    "The Father Sings" is a beautiful album by a young husband and wife.  According to Kimberly and Alberto, they did not write the music, instead they were simply playing one day and it all flowed out as God's own heart, thus the title of the album. 
    "Songs From The River (Volume One)" is a moving instrumental album with Ruth on the violin.  It is very soothing and one that everyone would enjoy.
The Soaking Presence Volume One
Paradise Is Waiting
~ Catalogues for other soaking music can be found on my Links page ~
Do you soak?  Join Amy's online soaking group!  Bring your friends!
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