These are all those people, good or bad, that we also meet in the movie.


Friends Royalty


When we first meet Acorn

Acorn and Clayface at dinner in prison

Tony finds the two digging a tunnel

Acorn examening the mirror

Acorn checking out his good side

Tony and Virginia found Acorn taking a break

Acorn touched by what Virginia says

The cupid girl


Juliet and his axe

Sally Peep(yay)

The shepherdesses

Sally and some other guy looking in the well

Sally showing off her lamb

Sally warning Virginia not to compete

Provocative Peeps

Peeps flirting with Wolf

Peeps leaving with sheep

Singing Milk Maids

Grandmother and Roland

Grandmother in bed.

Wondering why Wolf is kissing a picture

Far away shot of the three swamp fairies

A closer shot of them

"Don't drink the water."

"Don't eat the mushrooms."

"And whatever you do, don't fall asleep"


Cinderella(my fav fairy tale)

Close up of Cinderella

King Cole in his carriage

The fairy people and Riding Hood

Snow White telling Virginia to wake up



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