the sounds are filled with dispair and regret

Welcome to the Song of the Wolf, where the howls of wolves aren't just howls. Here lies the stories of the wolves of Tretreec. Deep in the lush forest of Arvad, an old alpha male streaks threw the trees. With a pelt of snow and eyes of night he is easily recognized, as Strife, or Strivet, in the wolf language. His past is haunted and full of terrifying memories. Caught by the past, Strife fasts to stay alive in the present. As memories is this world can kill you...... On the other side of the land the mountains of Morsten, the shy out-lander Whisper, or Winoppin in wolf language, finds her voice and howls to the moon. A darker wolf called Sindred, a wolf that bores the name of the Cursed, stalks her every move..... To survive the past and the present Strife and Whisper must find each other and destroy their internal and external thoughts. but they can't do it alone, they will need more then just two to vanish the ways of the Cursed and of the Past. Who's side are you on? Will you chose the Cursed, the Songs, Arvad, Morsten, or the Past? Or will you be an out-lander, and do nothing?

Swift and fast you must be to get away from horror and danger....

The image below is a photo of Strife:

Strife is a noble and kind wolf. Within his eyes he holds the memories of the past. And the streght the stay alive, even as the past is tugging at his soul and his heart. To come to them; to come to the past, to be killed by enimies.

Whispering to the wind is a habbit she earned.....

Here is a image of Whisper:

Whisper is the only wolf left in her family. In her world the mountains are her home and she would never leave them not for anyone, but she must to get ride of the wolf that watches her moves.

Weather and other related things:

The moon is a waning gibbous.

The leaves are falling and the season is Fall/Autum.

The tempurature is in the low 70s and the sun offers little warmth.



We don't have any at the moment, but as soon as I get us some I will post them here,


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