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Heros VIII


Dal originated in Atlantica, living only a few miles from the Capital...Alexandria. Dal lived in a cheerful cottage with his family, which included his mother, Saris, and his father. Dal's father remained unknown to Dal because he died a few months after Dal was born, and Dal's mother never spoke of him. When Dal turned 16 he left his family and signed up for the Academy of Paladin's. When Dal was 22 he graduated from the Academy of Paladin's and was awarded his Holy Sword - Lightsinger. Dal traveled back to Atlantica and found out his mother had died from a strange disease. Dal moved back into the very same cottage his family had lived in. However, because of war, the cottage was destroyed - leaving Dal nothing to remember his past. Dal commited himself to Atlantica...vowing to protect Her from all who would dare oppose her. To this very day, Dal Stands as Council Member, and as the Warlord of Atlantica's main military force.

Taladam Lunarrune

Tal is a native to Atlantica. Mother, Myren, was an elven sorceress, and father, Willyam, a druid. Tal was raised the best possible way a mage could be, through bloodline and natural substances. When Tal was 7, his parents were killed by a band of bandits while he was off to do errands. Slave traders caught him in hiding and sold him to the King of Celtica, WyteAura Douglas McCloud. McCloud set him free of slavery and raised him as his own son. His training rose quickly from there. On his 18th birthday, He went to Port Town (Celtica) to go back to Falkirk to find out anything he could about his family. While there, he was challenged to a duel for supposedly stealing some guy's money sack.(no way!!) The innocent was victorious. The only problem was the guy he had just decapitated was immortal. So he has been immortal for 1378 years. Anyway, Tal arrived in Falkirk right before Falcon's death and the beginning of Larin's Rebellion. Tal kept to himself mostly until he decided to serve his country once again and find out who killed his parents and why.


The Lady Anya appeared in the recent past, without a home or family to pave her way into Atlantican society. Despite what some high born nobles would consider a catastrophe, she has made herself a fixture of Alexandrian life - aside from her occasional disappearances into the unknown homeland she claims as her homeland. The lady is a highly competent sorceress, and has been known to use down-and-dirty tactics during a fight. As she says, "I'd rather be alive to hear people call me a cheat, then have a tombstone pronouce my last duel as noble." It remains to be seen as to exactly what, or who, she is. One thing is certian - Anya has adopted Atlantica as her home and will stand firm against all adversaries.


Setzer's life has been one twisted event after another. Losing his parents at age 5, he became a thief. Having to steal to survive was painful but it had to be done. Setzer matured quickly and learned a bit of magic as he stole some of the magical items he now uses in battle. He recently was fused with a Black Dragon so Setzer is capable of transforming into a Half Elf-Half Black Dragon hybrid, although it turns his heart cold and his mind into a chaotic state. Perhaps he will find peace soon.

Queen Nymaway

Queen Nymaway of Pacifika was Falcon's second wife following the affair and subsequent banishment of Queen Diamond. She ruled the lands of Pacifika, an island nation located in the seas to the east of Atlantica. Wild at heart and in battle, she proved to be a refreshing change to the castle's halls even though not every Atlantican approved of her marriage to Falcon. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Falcon and Nymaway were forced to divorce and Nymaway returned to her beloved lands of Pacifika...never to step foot on Atlantican soil again. Those who knew her best remember her fondly. She will never be forgotten.

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