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Penny and David Hoover
Denver NC 28037
FAX 704-483-7800

I have owned show dogs for over 13 years and have been breeding for six.  
I have bred 12 champions to date with  more nearing completion.  ASCOBS (Any Solid Color Other Than Black) are my first love and own my heart, though I
have found a certain line of Parti colors that has captivated me.

My breeding plans and goals begin first with health and temperament, followed
closely by movement, structure and breed type.

I share with you on these pages, my family, each loved and adored for their
individuality. For me there is nothing so cute as a Cocker Spaniel puppy and
no other breed that can insinuate itself into your heart, life and bed!


Some of the photos throughout this site were taken by C. Carey. 

Thank you Catherine for these beautiful photos.





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