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New Gryphon pictures
: sketches of Unicorn VS Gryphon.

Currantly building our Pop Art Online Store on Yahoo Shopping, it will be called "X-istential Studios" Featuring for the most part my husband's Pop Art Prints from evrything from Marylin Monroe to Elvis, Dave Mathews, Patriotic art, etc...  and also my Anthro/Furry Artwork.

July 2002:

I've just returned from Philadelphia at the Anthrocon. It was my 1st time (along with my husband) attending the Anthrocon. I was a dealer there. And, altho' I was in the corner, most paitrons in Philly were broke, and being that I was NEW and mostly an unknown artist, I thought I did rather well.

We were doing business under the name
"Wang Familly Art Studio"

It was a bit of an experiment for me and my husband to see what the atmosphere was like. And to get a feel for the business end of things. What was marketable, what did people mostly like, how much could we sell?

In fact we sold 1/2 of our Art Show Auction Original Artwork peices.

I was so surprised that all of my old artwork sold the best.


Black Unicorn

Rode Island Red Gryphon

Back Side of Gryphon

These were my best sellers (Prints) at the convention.

In the Art Show, our Li's (My Husband)
Tiger and my Lion Head were the peices with the most bids. Yet, we felt those peices were "OK" , plus they were also OLD.

Well, I guess you never know what people like.
Back Side of Gryphon
Rode Island Red Gryphon
Profile of the Black Unicorn
Recognise these????
Gryphon Portfolio
Unicorn Portfolio
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Here's my 2 older Archives of more Unicorns & Dragons, etc.:

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About Chinese Unicorns
(Chinese Mythology)
Yaoguai Portfolio
Cover Illustration for Fairytale Book in China
This is a Cover Illustration which I'd done as a favour to my Mother-in-law in China for a book that combines both Eastern Chinese Mythology & Lore and Western Fairytales.

The upper part is very Middle Ages, with a Fairy and a Unicorns, along with Grims' Fairytales charecters the Big Bad Wolf, Pussand Puss in Boots. It also has an enchanted forest, and Meadow, and a Castle.
A touch of the Arabian Nights from Persia witch has a figure on a Flying Carpet.

The lower half, whihc is also the biggest and most prominent, contains a golden Long (Dragon) whihc is gigantic and holds a tail in it's mouth, with coils everywhere. And you can see the Great Sage Equalling Heaven none other than the Handsom Monkey King: Sun Wukong The invincible fighting a Hulijing or Yaoguai Vixen (Fox Spector/Demon/Ghost)

to see a close up on either the top or bottom klick here:

I                         II
(Chinese Magical Beasts)
Mythical Shou
Artist Credentials
& Info
My Animation Reel
Xi You Ji:
The Famous Chinese Epic (The Journey West)
About The Monkey King
Unicorn VS Gryphon
Battle Portfolio
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