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This page is about my sketches. Less colourful, but often I liked the sketches more than the completed work. I only include those of my 2 unfinished comics (yes, unfinished ... maybe 'to be completed' sounds more positive?). The first one, The Red Giant, is concieved when I was fascinated by robots/political/melodramatic epic sort of story.Strange enough, the story idea came to me after reading 'The Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew' (yes, I read some thick non-fiction once in a blue moon).All those political struggles with the communist ...more dramatic than TV serials. The other one, The greatest dayDreamer, was drawn actually as a storyboard for my coming final year project. It is a quiet, subtle and a more personal story about a boy meeting his dead father one night and brought onto a fantastical journey. It is also reflective of my current style. I like it very much, hopefully the animation goes well. And yes, it is to be completed ... Click on the pictures to see. As usual, all +ve and -ve constructive comments are deeply appreciated.


The Red Giant Gallery Gallery my animation works!

The Red Giant

Wow! Very angst-filled and violent looking poster ... high drama. Don't be misled by propoganda materials, what you see after clicking is just pencil sketches of Chapter 01 (that's what the story is about, political propoganda). Don't try reading the handwritings in the frame. And the robot in the poster looked that way because it described to be so by one of the characters telling his version of the story. When it comes to the pilot of the robot telling his version, there is a sleeker (still heavy WWII era mecha style)design and supposingly more accurate one. As for now, click the above picture, and just believe the tragic heroism of 'The Red Giant' in WWII!



The greatest dayDreamer

The greatest dayDreamer

Well, this more peaceful looking. This is a story about a boy who meets his dead father one night. Being an explorer in the next world, his father brings him onto a fantastical journey. Under his father's guidance, the boy finally finds 'The greatest dayDreamers' Bed' (it is actually a hammock hanging from ... well, go see that page!) so that he can become 'The greatest dayDreamer' in the world.

Influenced in style and mood by 'The Little Prince' and Japanese short anime 'The Glassy Ocean', I hope this story generated from personal sentiments can be told under a more universal theme of parent/child relations. The initial bluesketch storyboard is already completed and under amendments but I can only show the colour sketch of the beginning of the story. Click on the picture to visit 'The greatest dayDreamer' in the world! He's busy daydreaming!

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