Yi Ge Tian Ya




My writing skills developed in my primary school days when I began writing kiddish stories of my own 'Gatchaman' sort of super force (actually I just took their story and just changed the names, sometimes coming up with a clever twist). But my understanding of Chinese history and classics really strenghtened when I took up Chinese Literature in my secondary school days. During my younger days, I could get angry over issues that did not really concern a naive school kid and had lots of self-righteous essays to write. I wonder where all that driving force to write has gone now (life's too perfect to get angry about). Another thing is that less people can understand the language you write in ... but let's not get into that difficult issue.

So I shall show off 2 of my Chinese short stories that was published in the papers. The first one is written very recently while the second in my Junior College days ( Hmm ... strange, what about that period in between? Well, I write still, OK? Never got publish only, I very busy OK ?). Liar.

Click on the titles below to see. Looking forward to some comments.


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