April 2, 2005: Pinchy, Daisy, and Sebastian have finished their molts. Adopted FIVE more crabs in mid-March and got a nice 20gal tank to boot. I'm still waiting for my replacement digital camera, so here's a fuzzy cellphone picture of the new bunch:

March 3, 2005: Dug around the tank and found a post-molt Pinchy! Moved Pinchy and exo into an ISO tank. Pictures whenever I get the camera fixed ::grovel::.

February 24, 2005: Adopted another crab! No name or picture yet.

February 7, 2005: Been very busy. Adopted Mr. Blue and Ms. Yellow (below, with Marge) from a very kind and generous person. More crab pictures here.

December 1, 2004: Site launch.


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