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Xena (Lucy Lawless)
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My Favorite Episode Of  Xena
There are my best pictures from the episode "Little Problems" that my friend Bradley wants me to place on my website. Thank you my friend you place it onto your webpage. Those beautiful picture of them and try to watch what I do. Here they are.
Index page for my picture
Best picture of the Show "Xena" page 1
Brad's Smurfs Collection
new website
                       A RESPECT FOR BRADLEY                

I have a good friend and his name is Bradley, many years ago he told me to do a web site about Xena and I did it because I loved the show like him but his passion of the show is gone. When I heard that, I become feeling very sad and I understood what my friend comes through about Xena Warrior Princess.
His work on his website was beautiful because I haven't seen beautiful pictures like he posts and I loved them all.
Bradley now writes to me about five years now and he is my best friend ever, I wanted to talk to him on MSN Messenger about 5 years and it seems since one month and a half , I love to talk to him directly instead of writng But I contiune writing to him because sometimes we can't reach each other during the week so, it's normal to contact him with an  e-mail that he can  see what's I'm writing.
And I want to thank him of what he's done to me, and I hope to continue what we did until today.
About his website of Xena, he will be updating for the last time his website and never go there again because Bradley had a new passion: SMURFS since he was a young boy. He is not yet very old but it seems that now he is an adult and keep all the smurfs that it could possibly have at his home.
He collects home, mugs, puzzle and of course, a lot of smurfs. Papa, mama and small smurfs. You can go on his new website at:
I have a lot of things to tell you about so I continue next time I come. I update my site even if you are finish yours.
This is my friend Bradley who I was talking about earlier in the post above.
that page disappear on october 26, 2009.
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