(these can be substuted for what ever you got laying around)

3' X 6 to 8" Piece of plywood,paneling,board etc.
1 - 6'  or  2- 3'   1x4's 
a few 1/2 ot 3/4 sheet rock or wood screws
a few 1/2 inch drill screws 
20' of 1/2" to 3/4" ("L" chanel) aluminum or sheet metal
2 - 6/32 or 8/32 screws 1 1/4" long with nuts

(again substitute as nessisary)
screwdriver or screwgun
tin snips or hacksaw



First step mark and cut your plywood/paneling to the desired width and length. 
(The sluice i built in the pictures is a mini-sluice for the dry conditions and small streams in wyoming.)

I suggest you build the sluice 3 ft long and 8 to 10 inches wide. But the demintions can be customized for any situation. 

1.measure and cut the bottom to size (paneling/plywood)
10" by 3' long

2. measure and cut 2 1x4 3ft long.

Now you should have the bottom and sides to your sluice box.

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