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Regarding: The Book,
Changing the Universe, on the WEB

This version of Changing The Universe (revision 7) was written to pander to the referees of large publishing houses. They suggested, No, demanded massive changes to the original seven manuscripts. Their meddling and on-going demands for clarification before even considering publication or signing a contract meant adding between 100 to 500 words per chapter for each query or comment. Sometimes the questions and comments were irrelevant. In one instance, a simple chapter of just 4,000 words blew out to three chapters, each of over 20,000 words, and then they wrote more comments, and scribbled across the pages prove-it, cite your references, and outrageous derogatory remarks.

The original work in 1995 was less than 200 pages and just 7 chapters. To view the work today, 500 double sided A4 sheets of paper, containing 24 chapters with 8 appendixes, a glossary and an index. As the author, I am not happy spoon feeding the reader or for that matter with my work in its present butchered form. It is too big and seems to go over the same arguments from chapter to chapter. Perhaps I am showing my frustration and anger, as many barriers were put-up to prevent this work ever becoming public. The content is just too important.

With 'Changing The Universe' now on the web, hyper-links can be used to edit and cut the work down to something that is easy to read. This will be an on-doing process that will soon begin. A great deal of my time has been wasted to present the work in its current form. The mess created by Microsoft WORD creating the HTML coded document from a WORD document had to be manually hand-coded into a workable HTML document.

Now, here is the fun part. You are now my referee. I have no problem with that. Your academic qualifications don't interest me at all, and really, if you have qualifications, the piece of paper at the end of perhaps four years work, is just another piece of paper. The time spent becoming an expert in a field of endeavour, makes one an expert in that field only. But then a problem arises, for when the very foundations of one's education are deluded, and based on errors, then one's qualifications are not worth the paper they are printed on.

The important thing is that you are a person with a name and a brain; a brain used for thinking amongst other things. That really makes a big difference. I don't want to split hairs on the right to disagree, or to be branded a scientific heretic and put down. I just want each readers of 'Changing The Universe' to stop and think, to demand answers to basic questions about the sciences and Nature. That is all.

If you want changes or clarification on a particular theory, that is very easy on the Internet using hyper-links. Of course, this means that the work is going to grow even larger, but then each chapter will be the way I want it presented, with hyper-links added from time to time to add further arguments or to give greater clarification on a point, citing the references.

Revision 7, the old version is frozen in time and cannot be adjusted. The chapter files are denoted by the file names 'chv7_x', and will still be available for reading as reference. With the completion of each new chapter, it will be independently copyrighted and priority given to the new version, superseding the 'chv7_x' chapter to the Internet chapter, as a version 8 file.

I do listen to the comments of my readers and will continue to listen, but I am but one person, trying to return the sciences to be one with Nature. If you want to help me in this process, please do. Especially feel free to make good suggestions or comment.

Robert P. Lanigan-O'Keeffe

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