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For countless thousands of millions of years, galactic evolution has been the most spectacular display of mindless matter in Nature's rotating Universe. Unfortunately, all one can hope to ever see from the Earth's remote perspective, is a mere snapshot of time, throughout a fleeting moment called life. As audio and image storage now exists, one's grandchildrens' grandchildren should be able to see and hear recorded events covering many lifetimes, revealing a slowly changing evolution. Similarly, the Earth's fossil and geological records can be pieced together with a degree of certainty revealing the Earth's evolutionary mechanisms, to a time soon after the birth of the Solar System. But as the Universe is so much larger in size, so much older, only the correct tools will allow one to trace evolution further.

One cannot prove as true any convenient speculation like The Big Bang, The Big Implosion or The Steady State. To ask Nature about the size of the Universe asks the question, when did it start and when will it end ? One can never be happy about the answer, for it is obvious that something was there before the before, so what was there before, and how did it start ? Matter ? The magnetic field ? The electron ? A uniform distribution of matter ? Such philosophical questions date humanity's maturity and insecurity.

When tracing back events to some time before the before's before, a point is reached where one appreciates having little or no faith, for at that most distant question, a choice must be made for the answer becomes I do not know. The choice is to accept or reject a concept involving a God that created it all, perhaps a centillion years ago, but then, the sceptic must resolve the evolutionary processes that gave rise to form a thinking-logical-compassionate-vengeful God, a God who instantly knew how it all works. So what gave rise to God and who made God? No religion can solve that question because the answer exists in both uncertainty, dogma and one's faith in a God. No person, no church leader can categorically state what happened before time began, because each is a human interpretation based on some unspecified agenda, typically to promote a God-head made in the image of man. What is heresy?

The key to Nature's Universe appears to be rotation. It could be that if all the matter in a rotating Universe came together through gravity and magnetic means, the matter would begin to rotate, steadily increasing its rotation around a central core, giving rise to the conditions necessary to attract all other matter. Even though the rotation of the core would be very slow, the mass of matter under pressure grows larger and spreads outwards. Matter would be drawn into this extremely massive-active-spiral-galaxy (the EMASG) at higher latitudes and at the poles. Direct and retrograde giant Coriolis cells alternately develop in the tropical region around the growing EMASG's equator. Then with greater radius, the equatorial centrifugal force pushes alternate tropical cells away from the parent ( Figure 15-1 ), so far that Coriolis cells break away from the spinning EMASG, distributing matter along the equatorial plane, as broken tropical cells with either positive or negative rotation. This diagram really needs to be animated and displayed in 3-D for each cell is an annulus that wraps around the EMASG, but as they lift away from the core, each ring breaks forming two or more blobs of rotating matter. As such vast quantities of spinning matter are released in the cell, relative rotation in each nuclear soup blob causes the attenuated broken cells to collapse as internal Coriolis structures develop, compacting the spinning matter islands as super stars along the EMASG's equatorial plane. These massive matter balls are proto-galactic objects.

Zoom on 3-D image, (R,B,G,B&W composite)
Zoom on original colour image.
Figure 15-1 The formation of galactic arms occurs when a spinning
PacMan galaxy loses sufficient rotation so that its ion motor
shuts down.

Negative rotation produces slow rotating objects that quickly enter middle age as Coriolis cells break away and spiral outward along their equatorial plane, slowly rotating forming spiral galaxies in a virtual river of galaxies. Relatively slow moving diamagnetic galaxies travel along the EMASG's equatorial region, but this formation indicates that two diamagnetic structures are produced, those with a North axial pole and an equatorial South polarity plane, as well as those with a South axial pole and a North equatorial plane, thereby creating parallel webs of galaxies bordering each super river.

Cells with positive rotation rapidly develop magnetic moments as a youthful PacMan galaxies, due to rapid positive rotations. At great rotational speeds, the Coriolis cells present a structure which actually holds the matter together in a little ball, negating centrifugal forces. Depending on the relative magnetic interactions, this juvenile PacMan will either attack the EMASG or travel into the cosmos. As the EMASG's equatorial plane slowly fills with matter, the liberated PacMan galaxies will begin their gastronomic journey, devouring many unfortunate galaxies as in-flight meals. The fortunate galaxies will continue to travel outwards in the spiralling galactic super rivers as gravity decreases. Although the EMASG's structure would be similar to the classic spiral galaxy with super galactic arms spiralling outward from the primary rotating core, relentless PacMan attacks will devastate the structure.

The simple model of the Coriolis mechanisms (Figure 15-1) creates both rapid and slow-spinning objects. As the system's centre slows down, more matter leaves the core in an odds-and-evens cross-section. Throughout Nature, Coriolis mechanisms are replicated in spiral galaxies, in the formation of planets and their moons, and that observed in the coffee cup experiment, where axial rotation and radius limits the formation of Coriolis cells in the rotating mass. The EMASG may have been an extraordinary Super Massive PacMan Galaxy that lost its ability to travel vast distances.

Although this scenario indicates reasons for local blue shifted galaxies, some readers will dispute this model for, it is stated with conviction, "all the galaxies in this region of the Universe are being pulled together into the Great Attractor ", a huge unseen mass, a massive object that is conveniently hidden from view by The Milky Way Galaxy. Educational tautologies have fixed the mind-set of many. "The Great Attractor definitely exists because the theory says it definitely exists." This logic style is very difficult to discredit, for no matter what real proof exists, once a mind-set is fixed in concrete, believers of the faith will not consider anything else. As a historical parallel, mariners believed emphatically that because the magnetic compass always pointed towards the star Polaris, it was the magnetic object in the Universe. Although Gilbert scientifically proved the magnetic compass responded to the Earth's internal magnetic field, it took several generations for the facts to be accepted. Old beliefs die with believers.

To illustrate the error in The Great Attractor logic, consider four biplanes. There are two slow Sopwith Camels, a Tiger Moth, and a fast Folker tri-plane. This is not a race. It is just a joy-flight to a distant air show. Each aircraft took off at a different time from the same airfield, flying roughly the same course. As the day goes on, the four planes slowly come together. At this point, current Astronomical theory must be applied which states that a massive gravitational force, (the great attractor) is pulling all the aircraft together because the great attractor theory says it is so. But is this conclusion justified when there is every indication that relative motion is responsible ? Science demands proof of The Great Attractor, for such a speculation is without basis. One should be shocked when it is realised that this belief is treated as fact, as the truth, when it is no more than the great distractor.

There can be many reasons for the galaxies in this neighbourhood coming together in flight, just as there are reasons for the four aircraft arriving at the airshow together. More information is needed before any conclusion can be drawn. All that can be said about this local region of the Universe is that the relative motions of local galaxies places them on fly-by and collision courses. But again there is no proof of the EMASG since the visible Universe is limited by the Tired Light effect, frequency band truncation, the technological limits of the world's telescopes and the age of the Universe. The EMASG may no longer exist, however, the view of the visible Universe reveals part of a massive structure where parallel webs of galaxies extend far into the cosmos, but then within the Milky Way's spiral arms, similar illusions are seen where parallel stellar webs are also abruptly truncated by the dark matter along the arm.

Matter has specific mechanisms for energy transfer depending on the application. Effectively, the energy and mass in the Universe are increasing as matter spreads further outward into the void of the abyss, building heavy matter and storing more rotational energy. This does not mean that the Universe is expanding or that there is an increase in potential energy with distance, rather potential energy increases due to environmental and evolutionary mechanisms. Einstein's relativity equations may provide an approximate apparent bottom-line answer to the total energy in matter, an energy statement which is dubious, but if it reveals a value that is close to the actual bottom line figure for today's position and velocity in the Universe, then next week, the bottom-line figure must be a little bit different due to the Earth's ever-changing position in the Universe. The unknown parameters in the equation are the positional changes of the Earth, so the energy outpourings for total destruction of matter would differ from moment to moment, owing to the relative local environment at that time.

Note well; the use of Einstein's energy approximation does not give anyone the liberty to modify time or to breach every rule of mathematics in regards to the treatment of a constant. It is purely a Mass-units conversion equation, and as this work opens further, greater problems will be identified due to its use and the mathematics derived from it. Einstein's energy approximation is a mathematical short cut, just like Bodes Law. Neither has any links to Nature, Energy, or Mass. Such equations do not point to or identify any responsible mechanism in Nature, nor do they relate to the centre of the Universe. Later, it will be necessary to take the evolution of the Solar System to its conclusion.

A leader is a person capable of reaching a just decision and acting on that decision, perhaps to issue a direct challenge to an enemy risking scrutiny, personal safety, reputation and security to protect or educate others. Leaders do not use uncertainty. A leader makes decisions based on certainty. The most powerful force in knowledge is certainty. Knowing how to use knowledge makes the person a leader. There are very few leaders, because people accept uncertainty as fact. But then many scientists do not know what Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle really means; few know when, where and how it is to be applied; and even fewer know its limits or limitations; yet the principle is scientifically accepted without question or debate as all encompassing, affecting all knowledge and the perception of the Universe, debasing each science. Accordingly uncertainty is treated as the single most powerful scientific truth in the Universe allowing reputable authors to preach blatant speculation as the truth, without regard to the truth. This situation can be historically traced through education to the foundation errors in each science. Consider carefully the logic style in the following quote from an adult television educational series.

"Because Einstein's theory predicts that the blackhole exists as a physical object, then this object must exist somewhere in the Universe. Since no one can challenge, disprove or deny the predictions made, then the theory must be true, because Einstein's theory and his prediction are at the very cutting edge of science, and they are certainly true. As these objects exist in the Universe, then the most probable contender at this moment, for this object classification is Cygnus X1, a powerful X-ray source, a neutron star, possibly a black hole."

This style of logic is replicated throughout scientific indoctrination, as a means of subtle salesmanship, demanding that speculation and illusion are treated as fact. The only truth in the above description is that Cygnus X1 is a powerful X-ray source. The rest of the quote distorts the truth to sell a product, a false belief, a faith, and a religion. Oppenheimer, the atomic physicist, not Einstein, made the Blackhole prediction, because he did not understand what escape velocity meant. To tar all authors and educators with the same brush is a travesty, for some have attempted to challenge the pollution spawned by deluded beliefs. Unfortunately, there are a great many gullible people who regularly accept such a logic style as being scientifically valid, preaching these false truths to all and sundry.

Equally, there are con-men willing to make profits from the weaknesses of others by using this logic style to beguile, for such logic proves a speculation with a speculation and introduces as true, ideas that are not even related to the issues involved. Is the easy path for many, as people are quite happy to be led, to follow fashion, bowing to peer-pressure in selecting the flavour-of-the-month beliefs, for if such are wrong, others can be blamed. Some educators accept what is written in scientific journals as fact, not realizing how easy it is to corrupt knowledge with this logic style, where any speculation can be worded as a matter-of-fact. Stephen Hawking stipulates in his works that the concepts presented are pure speculation, but concludes each as if it is an unequivocal fact, leading the reader on a confused guided tour, to accept fantasy and delusion.

When a great deal of money has been spent trying to find such predicted objects, means that Science has placed an invalid theory above Nature. The most disappointing case of this is the prediction and claimed proof of the microwave background radiation emanating from the Big Bang, (but which Big Bang?), where the research mapped an absorption line that exists in the interstellar medium. What does one expect to find when looking into something that is absolutely black? The prediction will be a temperature range within a quarter of a degree, (perhaps less,) of absolute zero, where the Universe is observer above and below the absorption line. That is exactly what is found. A mottled map of black with little or no detail existing between different views of the Universe. Einstein did not predict Radio Astronomy, nor did he predict the radio frequency ranges which show the structure of this Galaxy and the local Universe.

Specifically the Uncertainty Principle is related to the uncertainty in mankind's ability to measure things at the atomic level, because matter influences all matter, where measurements are limited by the resolution of the available technology. Nature does not need to measure atoms since other processes are working, making all the necessary evolutionary corrections. Each atom of Silver is virtually identical, exhibiting the same properties, the same characteristics and the same traits. This could also be said for the atoms in a block of Sulphur or some other element, but that is where the similarity ends. Silver is Silver and Sulphur is Sulphur. Both are elements with isotopes. For Nature to create Silver atoms identical to other Silver atoms is not good management or sheer coincidence, it is a mechanical compromise at Nature's frame of reference, where accidents form both failures and survivors, and with the right conditions, survivors form. Nature works with probability, not certainty.

It is stated that Einstein's Universe replaced Newton's Universe. But, whose Universe is it ? Newton ? Rutherford ? Einstein ? Hubble ? Sagan ? Asimov ? Hawking ? The true owner of the Universe is Nature, for everything in Nature's house operates under Nature's Laws. Why must the scientific community give title to anyone owning the Universe ? If man can't explain or explore the Universe in its entirely, man has no possessional claim to its ownership. No one is here to serve Einstein, or for that matter, Newton. For everybody makes mistakes. When Rutherford discovered the composition of the alpha particle (a positively charged Helium nucleus) he was puzzled at the differences between the decay reactions between smaller and larger atoms (through artificial and natural radioactive decay). As the results were far too simple, the explanation was made very complex. The most obvious reason was put to one side, for things cannot be that simple. The most serious, yet most common mistake made by many has been to ignore simple rotation. The most powerful force in Nature is treated by many as too hard and too confusing. Even for a mechanical system, a simple lever, at the atomic level energy is transferred atom by atom through the affects of rotation, and is released as different energy-forms within preset energy limits, dependent on the relative available rotational energy of matter and its influence on other matter..

It is getting near that time to enter Nature's Universe, revealing Nature's simplicity. The main precept in Nature is that as all matter is mindless, the laws of Nature apply to reactions involving mindless matter. The statement Nature's Laws control, use and act on matter through the Ordinants of Position and Time, producing events in matter, is fundamental to the blindness of Nature, lacking all morality, compassion and consideration. Basically, Nature has no conscience. Nature controls the Universe and all things in it, without thought or concern. What has happened, happened. What will happen, is yet to happen. When scientific theory agrees with Nature, accurate predictions of the future can be made.

Since an event involves the production, transfer and destination of energy, it cannot be a dimension or an ordinant unto itself. There are only three ordinants in Nature; Mass, Time and Position. Energy cannot exist in a pure form because energy is a property of matter, caused by matter, where matter is needed to transfer energy so that it will influence and affect other matter, producing effects in matter if the energy-form is compatible. Energy-forms are the mindless means of communications between all matter. This does not mean that matter or Nature is intelligent. To consider energy as a dimension is seen as falling head long into one of Nature's greatest deceptions, because energy presents many illusions, each with real effects, real attributes and a multitude of forms and properties. One cannot define a complex illusion, without understanding the nature of the illusion. These are the reasons why Science could not define energy and the many reasons for science blindly accepting it as a dimension. When energy is no longer considered as a dimension, when it is seen as a function of matter, it will illustrate how Nature works. Only then will its true definition be accepted.

This assertion negates the principles stated in Einstein's Theory of relativity where it is incorrectly asserted that energy can be neither created or destroyed. As a function of matter, energy is not tangible. When energy is applied, the force has vectors but this force is not energy nor is it a force until it is released by matter, applied and transfered by matter into matter. Science uses the terms potential, kinetic, chemical, nuclear, gravitational, electrical mechanical and rotational energy without realizing the fact that matter applies and uses energy in different ways, where individual atoms store and process the available energy as rotational energy. All forces involve the application of an energy-form, a mechanism that releases the available energy as an energy-form from matter and if compatible will do the necessary work.

The application and the event are linked together in this model. Energy is considered as a hypothetical mathematical construct; a statement of the degree of motion or change when matter releases an available compatible energy-form, the force can be applied, such as when matter influences other matter for a specific purpose. Hammering a light globe applies energy to the light globe but as this energy-form is incompatible, it will never cause the globe's filament to give off light, no matter how much impact energy is applied. Compatible energy-forms specifically affect matter. When energy is realized, only then can it be measured with the appropriate tool. In matter's standing state, matter affects other matter and with-holds releasing its energy until some event or series of events liberates a specific energy-form.

Energy is NOT something which directly causes a thing to move or change state, rather energy is an event or series of events begun by matter that change the conditions of other matter, increasing or decreasing the activity and or form of matter through magnetic means. The event may be controlled and sustainable, as in a power circuit, directing and controlling many centillions of events, such as an alternating potential difference where electrons are said to flow along a wire with reasonable efficiency. There may be countless trillions of processes occurring in a centimetre of that wire every second. A force is the application of an energy-form released by matter, exerted on other matter that causes effects on or in matter affected by that energy-form. Forces may be directed or non-resolved. An example of a non-resolved force is a physical energy form like pressure, but then pressure can be directed and liberated as other energy-forms to do work. But work includes such events as a change in state, activity, position, direction, or composition of matter.

Energy can be stored, rejected, wasted, applied and used. The application can be to promote or retard a reaction. Although energy can be stored in several forms (Nuclear; Chemical; Mechanical; Physical; Gravitational; Magnetic and Electrical), the bottom line is rotational. There are other energy-storage-forms which exist as combinations of the primary energy-forms, such as Biological (involving chemical, electrical, mechanical and rotational). Geological energy involves physical, nuclear, chemical, magnetic and gravitational forms. Mechanical energy and momentum are physical energy-forms that may involve rotational energy. Enthalpy is the application of a diverse range of energy-forms arising from chemical energy. In every case, the bottom line relates to stored rotational energy.

Energy is transferred through matter using the magnetic fields of matter as the medium of propagation, including those events which arose from an impact (such as recoil and particle velocities). There are several unique mechanisms driving the processes involved where energy transference occurs at different rates and intensities. The level of activity in matter (the potential energy) refers to the total energy in matter or specifically to rotational forces, magnetic strength, chemical energy, binding energy etc. Matter existing in the Universe influences all other matter through the magnetic field of matter and by its presence impinges on other magnetic fields. Each atom exhibits precise magnetic properties at certain potential energy levels due to the distribution of elprons and field break-out zones.

Nature does not work because-of-energy, rather Nature works because of matter. The second assertion in the fundamental precepts of Nature, corrects Einstein's speculation. As the Ordinants exist in real and abstract terms, then The Ordinants (Time, matter, and position,) cannot be created, destroyed, or transmuted from one into another. The ordinant of time is something which has no substance; something that does not exist; that spreads throughout the Universe instantly; something that cannot be modified or altered. This moment is this moment everywhere throughout the Universe at this precise instant. All time measurements, use, and are referenced to matter, from the basic sundial to the atomic clock.

The position and state of matter is used to set the standard measurement of time. Clocks can be made to run fast or slow compared to the real aging speed of the Universe. If a clock does not run on time, then it does not mean that time is running at a different rate, rather it means that a particular clock mechanism is operating under loaded circumstances, therefore it alone is running at a different rate compared to the Universal Time Frame, the rate of the Universal aging process. Any clock can run backwards, but no matter which direction the hands of a clock travel, the clock's motion is relative to the ongoing aging process in the Universe. A clock that is stopped is a stopped clock, since time does not stop.

To perceive the effects of time requires using matter throughout every stage of the involved systems; a comparison with a standard for measuring time; the rate at which a particular event occurs; as an energy-form travels through matter to cause an effect in other matter; the release of mechanical energy stored in a spring. Perception cannot define any physical make-up of time without using matter as a reference source. To see, hear, taste, smell or to feel, all require mediums of energy propagation through matter by matter, where such signals are transmitted, propagated and selectively received as energy-forms that are then perceived. All operate at the atomic frame of reference in the Universe and all are subject to the law of the reaction cycle, causing the past to be experienced in the now.

Biology shows that organisms use a full range of clock mechanisms. (To see the time; to hear the time; to release and detect the presence of certain chemicals; to detect the pressure of molecules; to detect inertial changes etc..) These all use biological clocks. It is stated by Biologists quite incorrectly that there are just five senses, to see, to hear, to taste, to smell and to touch. There are in fact eight senses. The senses of taste and smell are virtually identical because they detect the presence of particular molecules, as a vapour, but in taste the detected molecules are in solids and liquids.

In the above listing of the different clock mechanisms is the statement to detect inertial changes. This refers to another sense, the sense of balance, often mentioned but totally ignored by the five senses concept. This is perhaps the most important of all the senses. Balance is detected in the ears, the eyes, the body, the blood and internal organs. There are about ten different balance testing systems and mechanisms in the human body that give rise to the sense of balance, transferring signals through electrical and chemical means, to make the necessary corrections in sight and in the distribution of weight, to maintain balance.

The seventh sense is also ignored by the Biologist, for it is the sense of perspective, where the position and placement of objects is both seen and heard. Stereoscopic ear pairs judge audio positions through detecting commonality of rapid molecular motion effecting pressure changes. The human ears are a bad example. Best look at the ears of dogs and cats, those with pointed ears, where each ear shell is an independent directional horn receiver. These horn detectors swivel to the point of maximum sound intensity allowing audible triangulation of the prey. The eyes judge distance through both the focusing system and 3-D image processing of angular relationships in the optical spectrum. Throughout the animal kingdom, most predatory animals use all seven senses for survival and hunting.

Some animals (dogs, cats, horses, homo-sapiens etc.) have an eighth sense called intellect; the ability to think, rationalise, learn and plan ahead. Some animal intellects are more pronounced and developed than others. Evolution has caused particular species of animals to be ready hunters, within seconds of their birth, while others spend years learning tricks and talents, developing survival skills, such as using tools, communication, games and strategy. This discussion is a necessary tangent to understanding position, for in biology, Nature has evolved both distance and direction determining mechanisms.

The ordinant of Position refers to a 3-D grid structure in the stationary-Universe, where the laws of linear motion almost exclusively operate. Even in the Galaxy, a three dimensional rotating body in the Universe, the laws of linear motion only apply on a thin line in either direction along that line, but about which the laws of linear motion are replaced by the laws of rotational motion. This line could become a universal compass line. However, linear motion will occur from any true stationary point in the Universe, universally, a point originated at a hypothetical non-moving X-Y-Z grid location with respect to the Universe. Matter travelling from such a point will move in straight lines. However, matter moving with respect to a moving rotational point in the Universe, or starting from a rotating point will exhibit rotational parameters established by the rotation stored in breaking the piece and its change in position. A fragment removed from an apparently stationary rotating parent body, takes with it some of the rotational motion of the parent, so even though the trajectory of the fragment may travel on a tangent to the parent's direction, the fragment will rotate about a central axis. Such a fragment will have a rotation around its central axis of energy distribution, mimicking the effective rotation of the parent body, even though the parent's rotation seems stationary.

Inertia in the rotating system is completely different to inertia in a stationary system, as is illustrated by the topsy-turvey top. Rotational motion is a consequence of the way matter works and the processes involved in the transfer and conservation of rotational energy in matter. The mathematics of rotational energy will not explain why this is so, since Newtonian mechanics (linear Physics) does not relate all that well to the rotating systems. Only when examining the processes at the atomic frame of reference can one develop an appreciation and an understanding as to how and why this is so.

In the Solar System, where the majority of the planets and their moon systems exhibit a positive rotation, (where the night side rotates faster than the day side around the planet's orbiting central axis of mass,) such motion existing on a flat plane, illustrates a heliocentric origin. When this concept is added (as a module) to both the gravitational feedback theory, Coriolis motion and the effect of solar magnetism on matter, the development and evolution of the Solar system becomes evident. It will be seen that Bodes' Law and the regularities in the Solar System discredit all supernova and captured nebula accretion theories bandied about and accepted as the mechanism for planetary growth. Rotation affects matter, a regular change in position, throughout a period of time.

Matter exists as a solid, as an accumulation of fundamental particles that have united to form certain common successful building blocks and structures, like the electron, proton and neutron. These particles link together to shape the atom. Each atom gains and loses rotational energy through its magnetic field, by way of magnetic changes, throughput, resonance and reverberation. Magnetic throughput gives atoms the ability to bond together in several specific ways to form molecules. How they do this, is through chemical bonding, (which will soon be explored in greater depth) whereby the atom develops structures that cause magnetic anomalies at the local and cumulative levels, (local referring to, being in close proximity to the atom). The reason why there is a demarcation between the forms of solid matter (nuclear particles, atoms, molecules, planets, stars and galaxies) is an effect of failing processes, since each energy-form has limitations for a given mechanism, for a specific process.

The law of influence is a fundamental precept in Nature's Universe. It does not stipulate any mechanism or process. It simply states; All matter influences and affects all other matter. Four principal magnetic effects make it so, where magnetic changes, throughput, resonance and reverberation are used by matter to communicate with other matter. To effect a change requires mindless communication between matter, so it is that the magnetic field transfers such information and motion, as a particular energy-form, both internally and externally.

Any magnetic field change is a rather dramatic event that can occur when an electron is gained or lost by the atom, causing a magnetic field disturbance. Such a magnetic alteration affects matter in the local region, giving rise to movement. Direct coupling (chemical bonds) transfers changes in the environmental magnetic throughput. Radiant energy is gained through resonance or reverberation, altering the atom's magnetic throughput or cushion, and this influences neighbouring atoms. This can be seen as a transmission of magnetic radiation, or a movement. Any change in the magnetic throughput adjusts the atom's internal rotational energy.

The definition of energy identifies the notion that energy can be absorbed, re-transmitted, transferred, used, converted, wasted or rejected by matter. It does not say that it will affect all matter in the appropriate way. Light cannot be heard unless it is processed to make it audible. Subsequently, energy-forms produce different forces that apply to specific frames of reference and target certain energy receptors. When describing any motion, any change or event, then, Nature's frame of reference must be used to identify and use the energy-forms at the atomic level. This is the law of energy reference.

When these laws are combined, they act on matter in such a way that the relationship relates all matter in the Universe, to a Universal frame of reference, with respect to a Universal Stopped Position. So that, All motion is relative to a universal stopped or stationary position in the Universe. A tumbling gyroscope illustrates this law of positional reference where the reference point should be found along the axis of the tumbling motion, but not on the axis of gyroscopic rotation. If the tumbling gyroscope is on the Earth's surface, then the fixed point could be along the axis of the plane of The Galaxy's motion in the Universe, as distinct from the axis of the plane of The Galaxy, the axis of the Earth's orbital plane, the axis of the Earth's rotation, the tumbling motion's axis and the gyroscopic axis. When an inertial guidance system is activated and made to tumble on a particular plane, it will continue to tumble around the axis to that plane unless it is made to slip or precess.

Irrespective of the Science, the sequence of events from the initial action to the reaction, or the reactants to the products, is the same. One should ask about the process or mechanism giving rise to the release of the energy and the products produced? Consider a dropped egg as it smashes on the ground, splattering in all directions. It is realized that the egg splatters in a direction related to the angle of incidence as a vectorial solution. In this situation, a vertical drop is used, so that the splatter occurs on a plane perpendicular to the incident trajectory. Is it that the egg explodes on contact with the ground, or does the ground cause the egg to explode ? Does the motion cause the egg to explode, or is it that the impact causes the explosion ? Could it be that the moving egg continues to move in a direction, however this direction is changed by the ground, where the egg changes its direction through back pressure, a pressure greater than its chemical bonds, causing the egg to splatter.

To find the truth, one must ignore personal beliefs. One must solve the problems caused by relativity, mechanism by mechanism, process by process. What ever the reason or explanation, this egg experiment is terrible, not because it is so messy, or because it involves thousand of billions of replicated processes and mechanisms, but one really needs to understand what is going on at the atomic level before attempting to satisfy the questions being put. One must challenge conventional thinking. Many will just clean up the egg before realizing the cost of the accident. Much knowledge could have been gleaned from this experiment using little or no technology. Others may give the cat or dog a special treat (well, that saves mopping the entire floor or spreading the mess. One must be practical.)

The splattered egg has many ramification because it involves all mankind's sciences. One could use the meteor impact, or the water bag splattering, however these other events avoid introducing Biology into Nature. Biology must be considered. Unfortunately, the splattered water bag experiment is invalidly claimed by supporters of relativity's photon theory as an explanation of photons and colour. One would need special technology to test these colourful claims that contaminate the blood of knowledge.

To visualize Nature is to cut an onion in half through its equator, showing the concentric ring structure around the central core. At Nature's core, the most important of all Nature's Laws exists. All the procedures carried out by Nature are found in different libraries and processing centres on each layer from the core to the outer layers. This arrangement applies specifically to the arrangement of the laws of Nature in order to work. This model of Nature could be considered more like a telephone exchange combination post office, as it is necessary to make the necessary connections without a phone book, without a street directory, without a written rule, without a language or any idea of the correct address. Nature defeats mankind's uncertainty by using particular energy-forms as keys, to search from the action down to the individual process, giving rise to reactions and events on the upward path. This is far from Chaos, as each key identifies and unlocks certain doors where the responsible process is immediately initiated, however there is a time delay between the action and the eventual reaction. The bigger the system, the slower the reaction and the evolution of the reaction.

The over-all energy gained or lost by a system is dependent on the path through which an action-reaction chain occurs, from the initial action to the point of equilibrium, and through all the various intermediate states. The processing and the distribution level deals with matter and how the ordinants relate to matter, where energy is considered as the primary transport mechanism. A process is the simplest operation, like addition, subtraction, and compare (greater than, less than, proportional to, not equals and equals). A mechanism is the combination of processes, for instance, multiplication can be explained as an addition, that is 2 x 4 = 8 can be achieved by adding two four times or four added twice; 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 or 4 + 4 = 8. Similarly treated are other mechanisms like division, alignment, replication, compare, greater than but not equal to, less than but not equal, branch, and if-then. Subsequently, although these laws may refer to mechanisms, the reality is that each mechanism is treated in each outer shell of Nature as a combination of unique processes from lower shells. Each instruction must be validated in order to work. The first check would be to determine if the action can be fast-tracked to the mechanism or process level.

The main process handling library would exist in the processing and distribution shells, where commands are sequenced, counted and driven. A library would contain an index (the list of instructions and commands to be processed) as well as the laws which sequence the events. This is really Nature's Operating System having laws and sequence rules, like mathematics where one process must be completed before the next begins, or certain processes take priority. As energy is now seen as a mechanism, it cannot be an ordinant or a dimension, rather, it is used in the process of hand-shaking between the shells, as a transport layer. The processing shell of Nature splits the mechanisms into simple processes.

In Nature, there is no such library, though it use does make explanation a great deal simpler when the functions are independently treated this way, broken down into small modules to show and illustrate the workings of an event. Each level from the outside to the inside is responsible for smaller pieces of the overall event. The event is made up of individual operatives, which in turn are made of discrete systems. Each system is divided into unique modules, which break down into mechanisms, and finally in the logic control core is the process itself.

Some of these laws are shared by the processing and distribution shell and the neighbouring outer transport shell. The transport shell is very busy. The over-all precept of this shell establishes the principal links between the ordinants, the transport shell above and the main library, illustrating the Uniformitarian Nature of the Universe, by way of matter's use of energy in time, throughout the ordinant of position, thereby controlling the processes that take place when given the appropriate energy level to initiate and maintain the process.

The matter shell is Nature's store house of successful and not so successful matter, for use by Nature and intelligent life forms (systems), storing and liberating energy. The two outer layers of Nature's model are used by all life forms. In terms of size, the magnitude range of life forms extends from the virus to a super galaxy. Here one will have difficult distinguishing what Life and Living actually mean because this concept classifies many inert mindless systems as being alive. The Operative is divided into systems. At the mundane level many of Nature's applications, are processed from applications, (natural biological and geological processes exist, including Nature's Chemistry and the Physics of the Universe).

The greater the intelligence, the greater the use is made of the outer most layer. The Universe is divided into societies of successful colonies and survivors. The intellectual layer is the Natural Science shell, where life forms give Nature definitions, determine processes and discover new applications, or routes by stringing together the Laws of Nature from the matter shell to the central control shell, identifying processes, mechanisms and modules. This avoids numerous replications or path definitions to the core resulting in many illusions of things being the same, but at the same moment being very different. Phenomena having the same effects but different causes. The laws of conservation illustrate this absolute replication where each law contained in the current Science Libraries refers to action-reaction cycles with identical mathematics, and minor changes in the definition. In Nature, there is only one law of Universal Conservation.

At this point, some may consider this model of Nature to be a rip-off from the OSI model of the computer and the communications network. There are big differences, and many similarities, however Nature didn't rip-off the Computer, rather, this model best suits Nature, in controlling the operation of mindless matter, just as the computer is a mindless mechanism. Many of the processes taking place in the mind may be considered in the same way. Appreciation of this model of Nature is very powerful, because it fast-tracks many concepts. If science had recognised this connection 400 years ago, then the computer may have been invented two centuries ago. Different to the OSI model is the concept of referring to specific library functions, which programmers often use to increase processing speed.

There are not that many Laws of Nature, for Nature involves replication and duplication. Once a system reaches its physical constraints, Nature merely pushes the limits of the envelope to another system that works with the new parameters where the available energy drives another process. This gives the illusion of quantum states as different processes occur at different states. The electron, proton and neutron are relatively stable sub-atomic particles in Nature, however the addition of protons to protons pushes the envelope to a breaking point as the bearings do not balance the rotational effects. With fusion, the next system involves atoms where pressure combines atoms to other atoms, but mechanical constraints limit such systems. Atoms magnetically combine to create molecules through chemical bonds, in crystal structures as solids, liquid and gasses. The crystal structure will also change with activity and pressure establishing the shape and properties of matter. With further accumulation, critical mass situations eventuate where structural failure returns matter to the sub-atomic state.

The release of magnetic radiation can be so great, and the quantity of matter so enormous that a fission-fusion chain reaction eventuates giving rise to a star. There are other star forming mechanisms. When many stars gravitationally converge and coalesce, an active galaxy eventuates, where matter is recycled into sub-atomic particles. If this object develops a rotation, the alignment of the rotating matter gives rise to a magnetic field. The greater the rate of rotation, the more dangerous this object becomes, attracting and being attracted to other matter through magnetic and gravitational means. These objects begin to follow the galactic evolutionary path. Effectively, Nature builds up progressively bigger units of matter from atoms, only to control every process at the atomic level.

This type of indexing is reasonably fast and accurate because the index key is the directed energy-form. Although this gives both certainty and speed, errors do occur. Nature can form mirror structures, mutants and improvements when things go wrong. Mutants are failures that do not always survive, while improvements are stand alone survivors. Nature does not learn from failure, for over-and-over-again, the same events happen, until a route is found, where a particular mechanism or system works. Nature uses a trial and error filtering mechanism, giving rise to the illusion of evolutionary mechanisms, where successful experiments and processes give apparent replication. Most failures return the process to a previous successful state. In some situations, a cataclysmic reversal may take the reactant to the fundamental successful state. A study of the abundance of atomic isotopes identifies the successful atoms that constitute the elements. Mutants and radioactive isotopes are Nature's failures, however, some mutants survive for they are more suitable to survive, forming a colony of survivors?

The most fundamental step of Nature introduces the use of the process, to show specifically what does occur at the atomic level as a single step in a reaction. Nature has only vertical demarcations radiating from the central core, just like the onion, where the boundary exist between specific magnitudes of operation, depending on the complexity of the application. The Mechanism operates using two or more processes using procedures. The Module is composed of two or more mechanisms. A System is composed of two or more modules. An Operation has systems, and the Application has operations. In the Application shell, cosmologists, physicists, chemists, biologist, geologists, and scientists look at Nature. It is easy to reach invalid conclusions because the terrestrial level does not reveal processes.

At the very centre is Nature's simple processor. Perhaps hanging on a wall is the crest, on which is the two line family motto, a non-functioning law defining how the members of Nature's family are expected to behave and conduct themselves. The process processor is Nature's Central Processing Unit where only the simplest instructions, Nature's Machine Language Code is accepted and processed, giving answers that are either, Yes or No. The process processor only operates on one instruction, "IF". Nature uses this one operation to direct the mathematical operations of addition and subtraction. If something is too complex, the process will reject the process until it is simplified, (another level does the actual mathematics). If something is simple, Nature will process the command so the mechanism carries onto the next step, the most active process completed first.

The family motto, held here in the core is called law number zero, because, zero is the very first number having no definable value. A number that can only be divided by itself to give a real answer. The symbol for zero is the ring, an endless loop that controls all the other laws because these laws link to it through the higher layers of the shell. The motto begins with the most elementary and extraordinary statement of fact;

Nature is simple...

This declaration underlies the apparent complexity of Nature, for interactions at the higher levels gives Nature the ability to create illusions. Mankind is deceived by illusions. By itself the statement has a strange and fascinating ring to it. The family motto continues with;

... and affects matter in simple ways through simple processes.

Subsequently, all events arising from matter throughout the entire Universe, all processes and mechanisms must be affected because they are all in Nature's family and all work at the atomic frame of reference. Every reaction that occurs in Nature has a simple modular explanation based on the Laws of Nature. Either something agrees with the law and is processed, or it will fails if it disagrees, so all processing ceases.

Some may attempt to argue about the validity or position of this law, but this is no ordinary law. It can never be tested, proven or disproven, because it is a truism. Some may say that this concept challenges Newton's laws, but one has every right to challenge the exclusive use of Linear Physics in a Rotating 3-D Universe. But then Newton's laws are going to be modified because there are mistakes and omissions in some of the most important laws. If at this moment one challenges the author with "What right have you to take on Newton and modify his laws", the answer is "You didn't and no one else has! If it is broken, why didn't someone fix it sooner?" Have these laws been reviewed since 1666? Some have. Coriolis found and corrected several mistakes.

The effects of the family motto's control on Nature, can be experienced and examined, but the family motto has no physical working mechanism, therefore it cannot be physically tested. It is the postulation, a look-up library function, stating the fundamental precept of Nature. It is the foundation stone of all Nature, linking and controlling all the other laws of Nature, to give Nature certainty through trial and error processing, one step at a time. Because all other laws connect to this core, directly or indirectly, all the events seen and experienced in Nature are encompassed by this motto, this law. Nature has laws, rules and principles that control the affects of mindless-matter on mindless-matter. A rule involves several laws, while principles involve several rules.

Around this central premise, is the Logic Control core. This is the nucleus or operational centre of all reactions where the Active Laws of Nature apply and are found, specifically linking the ordinants together with the core and the central processing shell that surround this control core. Matter is both blind and mindless, so all the Laws of Nature operate on, and within, an evolutionary model to establish events which work, building far more complex forms of matter.

Obviously, Nature has inadvertently used all these processes before, so the logic decrees

All the processes in the Universe that applied in the past, still apply today and will continue to apply in the future, affecting matter at the atomic level throughout the Universe.
(principle of uniformitarianism)

This is a principle, not a law! Nature's laws refer to individual processes involving the use of Ordinants. The blind mechanism to sequence processes is best seen as a principle.

Each process in Nature to affect an event occurs in the order from the most active to the least active.
(principle of the reaction sequence)

A blind but directed path is established by the energy-form where mutual compatibility may give rise to an event. The most active in Chemistry is seen as the atom presenting the greatest magnetic attraction and compatibility in the process. There is every chance that the products formed will be mirrored when magnetic strengths are equal. Compatibility problems doom the path to failure, effectively preventing the reaction. Generally, it will be seen that ;

Where possible,

All actions applied to matter take the most efficient path to affect a reaction.
(rule of the reaction path)

In this onion layer model of Nature, the processing and distribution layer holds the libraries and processor units which control, route and count the processes in the mechanism from action to reaction. As everything takes time, the Law of The REACTION CYCLE introduces time. When an action occurs that gives rise to a reaction, this law states:

All actions are exerted throughout one period of time and all subsequent reactions occur throughout a second period of time.

The processes that occur in Nature and their parent mechanisms work during precise intervals of time. Energy cannot be released before an event, or at an instantaneous point of time with the action. A force applied to a lever does not instantly transfer the energy, rather the energy must be transferred through every molecule and atom along the length of the lever from the initial point of application, to that presenting a force on the fulcrum (the pivot) and onto the work. In this system, the action applied, moves from atom to atom, so then each atom undergoes a reaction cycle, where the action is applied, then the atom responds, giving rise to a reaction that progressively travels down the lever in a bucket-brigade of little forces. This law links the ordinants of TIME and POSITION to matter. With this postulation, everything now ages.

The Law of Reaction Continuation comes into play stating:
The products of an action-reaction become the actions and reactants of further actions and events.

This can be demonstrated on the Pool table where the desired ball is struck by the cue ball and is sunk, but the recoil of the cue ball inadvertently strikes another ball that then strikes the black ball and sinks it, thus ending the game. The immediate reaction sank the first ball, but not all of the rotational energy in the cue ball was absorbed, so the cue ball maintained some motion, enough to transfer energy into a second primary reaction, where the reaction became an action resulting in another reaction ending the game. This means that the action-reaction cycle must cease or fail at a certain point, in a third period of time. It also means that Newtonian Physics demands a tiny modification. This Law of Nature is attributed in the main to Sir Isaac Newton.

For every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction distributed throughout the components involved.

The major alteration is the word distributed for this law is now involved with the law of distribution where even the object causing the action is a component of the system, as part of the mechanism, therefore; the energy-form transferred from the reactant to the product is dependent on the efficiency of the mechanism and the availability of energy for that energy-form. In any mechanism, the original reactants can be called the products, if, in the reaction the products did not involve any physical or molecular changes. The splattered egg is the result of massive changes. Such an event must be considered as a system involving several mechanisms, each of which involves several processes. Not obvious are the gravitational, chemical and biological effects that applied from the moment when the egg made first contact with the ground (at the atomic level) to the final moment when the very last event reached the state of equilibrium. Each molecule went through separate mechanisms and processes, at specific times due to their initial position in the egg, even though many molecules seemed to have moved on mass.

Because the egg experiment is so complex, the only method that one could use to detail the numerous events would be a full computer simulation. The programmer must appreciate the whole picture of events, the structure of the egg, structural strength of each membrane and shell, etc. One must determine what causes each membrane to rupture after the shell starts to break up on impact. All the Sciences are involved in this experiment (including Geology since the word ground is used in the problem definition).

Nature reveals her secrets when the very simplest experiments are envisaged. The definition of Energy identifies other Laws of Nature that are involved, which simple experiments can prove. The energy definition states " is transferred by and through matter, " This may sound tight and squeaky clean, so good Science may adopt it, however, it is bad news because the definition is calling on the use of an event, not a unique process! From the start of this work, energy has not been considered as an Ordinant. If energy was given the status of a Module, then there would be at least ten distinct sets of laws involved; laws that affect the propagation of energy at this processing level alone! Each Module is handled by at least a dozen laws in each Mechanism; and then each Mechanism involves the many processes that give rise to the products.

The rate at which an energy-form is propagated through a medium is dependent on the ability of each process to transfer that energy-form and its intensity. The intensity of the energy-form propagated through a medium is dependent on the capability of each process to transfer that energy-form and its intensity. The efficiency of the energy-form propagated through a medium is dependent on the capacity of each process to absorb and re-transmit that energy-form or another energy-form to other matter.

Three special words are used, but each has a vague definition. The words are ability, capability and capacity. Nature demands that in each situation, the particular word be defined specifically with EXACT parameters. Because this is referring to a module, the module's flexibility helps clarify each meaning with respect to the term energy-form.

When the definition of Energy was mentioned earlier, some criticism was thrown at the scientific community for the use of the word ability in the expression "Energy is the ability to do work." This was related to Force because of the scientific confusion arising from energy not having an adequate scientific definition. A force is not a process, mechanism, module, system, or operative. A force is a directed event, an energy-form applied to matter that results in a series of events after that moment, as the application of a directed compatible energy form. To back step to the new definition of energy again, where it begins, "Energy is an event ..." To actually define exactly what energy is in its position in the definition means defining the energy-form, all the operatives, the system, the module and the mechanisms that guide the reaction to the process. So then, how many unique energy-forms can there be? Because of the diverse nature of energy, it can be treated as both the process identifier and the process keys to the correct process, directing the path from the application layer, to the process, and back to the application layer throughout all the intervening steps. This makes the entire system relatively fast as the atomic layer, but very slow at the galactic level. So, if the Solar System took so long to develop and cool from the primordial soup, then The Galaxy must have taken a great deal longer to progress and evolve, from an active galaxy, to a spiral galaxy, perhaps a thousand times the currently accepted age of the Universe, pushing the age of this, our galaxy to around a few million million years. So, what formed the parent active galaxy?

The logic core is the busiest shell because this is where the active process handling takes place. The laws found in the Processing shell's libraries are used like the computer's simple mathematical statements such as "ADD", "SUBTRACT" and "IF-THEN" . If something is true to the core, then continue, "OR" , "IF NOT GOTO " ...

The Processing Shell exists above the Logic Control Core. This is where mechanisms are separated into individual processes to be acted on by the control core. A simple chemical reaction (what is considered as a mechanism) may involve from 6 to many separate processes. Each level from the logic control core to the Applications and Natural Science shell is responsible for the type of processing involved. A small change in a process could change the entire outcome of the process.

The total energy available in a system to do work is limited by the energy conversion module in the local environ and is relative to all other environs.
(Limit of Entropy or Force)

The efficiency of the system is controlled by three specific principles, as the three ordinants are involved; the reaction's products acquire the highest possible energy level from the reactants in the time frame allowed by the system. The change in motion or state of matter is dependent on the effective energy needed to activate the mechanism and that released by that mechanism. When the medium is transparent to an energy-form, the medium absorbs the energy-form and passes this energy-form to the next piece of matter in the medium, so that the energy transfer is inversely proportional to the change in position unless the path of energy propagation is altered by external means. In the mechanisms involving events between matter, the Laws of Nature explain the processes, where energy is the primary communication mechanism between atoms and molecules, altering the magnetic fields of matter in some way, resulting in a second effect, the reaction.

Energy may be received by matter as an energy-form, be it through a shake or a thrust in the magnetic field envelope, without changing the matter's position, alignment or direction, however the energy will be on-passed to the next magnetic field as a similar shake or thrust. If the magnetic field effect is large enough, the matter may compensate, moving itself and other matter, but this shock travels slowly as each atom must be physically repositioned, and this process absorbs energy. If only the magnetic fields vibrate, then with distance, the magnetic displacement continues at the maximum speed permitted by the open system, however, different rates of vibration travel through the medium at different speeds, dispersing the signals, but the faster response time serves to increase the rate of transfer, increasing the wavelength.

Perhaps the most fundamental law governing all matter in the Universe is the most often used and least understood, often the most misinterpreted concept, typically used to explain away the principles of equilibrium in Nature. The Law of Least Resistance shows that every reaction in Nature tends to the point of highest energy throughput, therefore all matter will blindly align to the most energy efficient configuration, no matter the state of matter. As the word reaction means the movement of matter, the entire Universe must be crystalline in structure, irrespective of the state, (solid, liquid, gas, plasma or nuclear soup) giving every piece of matter a specific alignment to all other matter in the region.

Newton's first law of motion is often stated as "A body remains at rest or continues to move with constant speed in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force." It could also be stated as "If no external force act on a body, it will not change its state of motion". This is the underlying statement of equilibrium in a rotating universe, however as matter exists in a Universe of matter, then all local matter will give rise to and affect all other matter in that region and any change will influence the matter involved;

All matter remains at the point of maximum throughput energy maintaining a constant energy level, unless acted upon by other matter.
(Law of equilibrium) version 1 (From Newton's First Law)

To challenge the established way of thinking, this can be written in a different way, in order to answer some important questions.

When the energy arising from matter is constant and acts on a system with constant energy, the total energy throughput in the system will eventually reach and maintain the environment's throughput energy.
(Law of equilibrium)... version 2.

For Newton's First law to work demands that the motion, of the object AND the environment be the same. In the real world, a tail wind will add to the velocity of an object, while a head wind will slow the object, for such presents an environmental force on the object. A side wind will give a vectorial solution, blowing the object off-course. Not only does this second version explain motion, it also assists in explaining equilibrium in chemical reactions. Newton puts this to one side and partly explains it by his second law of motion. Every Physics Book has a different interpretation of this law. Close to what Newton wrote in The Principia is The acceleration caused by one or more forces acting on a body is proportional in magnitude to the resultant of the forces, and parallel to it in direction, and is inversely proportional to the mass of the body. This is otherwise stated as "the rate of change of momentum is proportional to the resultant force and is in the direction of that force." Many just say that the force required to accelerate an object is directly proportional to the product of its mass and its acceleration, so F a ma. Here Newton identifies different Laws of Nature and piles them in a heap. So, the force is proportional to the acceleration providing that the mass is kept constant.

A rocket (with an empty mass of 5,000 Kg,) parked at a space station is filled with 50,000 Kg of fuel. It blasts off. As it burns its fuel, the mass of the entire rocket (including fuel) steadily decreases at a rate of 1,000 Kg per minute, giving rise to an initial acceleration because the rocket engines are rated at 250,000 Kg of thrust per 1,000 Kg of fuel used. Even though the rocket engine is supplying the same power output, the total mass is decreasing, thereby giving rise to greater acceleration. The engine is consuming fuel at a rate of 1,000 Kg per minute until the fuel is exhausted. When working out the actual acceleration of the flight, it will be realized that the greatest acceleration will be in the few seconds before the fuel runs out. Newton put this as a proviso on the end of the third law asserting "... and is inversely proportional to the mass of the body". This must be covered by a separate law of Nature because it involves a different process.

The change in motion or state of an atom is inversely proportional to its mass.

Newton's other proviso states "... and parallel to it in direction," involves another process, another Law of Nature, that could cause a big Coriolis problem, since the space station was orbiting the Earth, and the Earth is orbiting the Sun. Rotational motion must enter the calculations in planning the trajectory, where the necessary corrections are made for rotation, else the rocket will enter an elliptical solar orbit. The compensation being made must be, to turn the rotating Universe into a stationary Universe allowing Linear Physics to work. When the rocket's fuel runs out some 50 minutes into the flight, the modified version of Newton's First Law comes into play slowing the rocket. (Note: Even though the rocket may be in deep space heading towards some star, it is travelling through matter. )

The Laws of Nature will plague the rocket, especially those associated with gravity, for there will be a decrease in potential energy with distance from the Earth at first, and with respect to the Sun, effectively cooling the rocket. But with this, the decreasing force of gravity is giving rise to an acceleration, decreasing as a function of relative position squared from the gravitational sources, an increasing the rate of acceleration, irrespective of the fact that all the fuel is exhausted. Two laws of Nature are at logger-heads, one slowing the craft and the other making it go faster. At a distant point in space, the most active process will switch from one of positive acceleration to that of slowing the craft. But at the same time, due to the reducing gravitational feedback, the rocket will be cooling down at an alarming rate.

If at this point, one realizes that the yaw, pitch and roll booster rockets all failed to compensate for an artificial stationary Universe, a huge problem exists due to the effects of the rotating Universe and the initial rotation. As the craft reaches a stopped position, the most active process (Coriolis) will alter the apparent pull of the solar gravitational field, so that in time, the curved Coriolis trajectory will return the craft to the Earth-Sun system. From this description and the knowledge of the processes and modules, it is possible to determine from simple mathematics, when that rocket ship will return. This reiterates the fact that Nature is simple, especially when applied to Astronomy, in determining or explaining planetary motion. The egg experiment is bad news because there are too many parameters to consider.

A lever could also be used to illustrate the point. When an energy-form (a manual force) is applied to matter, the atoms resist changes to their molecular alignment for maximum energy throughput, so, the applied manual rotational force transfers as a distortion in the crystal structure of the lever, stresses travel down the lever, where each atom presents a force against the change, against the original action, stressing the atomic and molecular structures in the lever. The energy is transferred, atom by atom, through chemical bonds. Even when there is no mass attached to the end of the lever, energy is transferred through the lever when energy is applied, be it as a force, incident magnetic radiation, rotational energy etc. causing the lever to move against the environment. But when the energy exerted across the individual chemical bonds is greater than the chemical bonding energy, the lever's molecular structure will fail, so the lever will simply break. But breaking is not as simple as that. At the time after the break, Chemistry enters the most active category, causing environmental contamination at the break zone, for all these exposed chemical bond ends make great molecular targets for local environmental reactions.

In the situation of the unbroken lever, Newton's third law demands that all forces act in pairs, where the action equals the reaction. The lever, without any load attached, is unbalanced. This means that the process fails. In this situation, since there is more energy travelling down the lever than opposing it, the lever moves about an axis of rotation, the fulcrum or pivot point. This system is initially converting a directed event (linear energy) into rotational energy, with the result being a transmission of rotational energy. As illustrated in Chapter 13, when the lever breaks pieces spin-off due to the rotational energy involved. The mathematics are explained in appendix 7 and the associated programs in appendix 8. The mechanism is not amplifying the force due to distance ratios, it is concentrating a small amount of rotational energy into a much smaller arc, giving rise to energies that can rip molecules apart, or move much more massive objects. The approximate simple solution to fast-track a problem to the answer is to use the distance ratios, while the more accurate method would use angular relationships.

Nature uses many tricks to fast-track answers. Nature does not use mathematics, science does. Often, the mathematics are used by science to express on paper, or in a computer, how Nature's processes work, (or how one believes they work). Nature often does things quite differently to what is expected, to what is observed and to what one is taught. Humanity has divided the sciences into the quadrants of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geology with vague but enforced demarcations. On the other hand, Nature speeds up the processing of actions into reactions and events through an apparent shell structure, where each shell has a radial demarcation barrier based on the enormity of the application, so, dividing the application progressively into smaller routines, until an individual process takes place at the atomic level. Each shell in this visualization contains local shell libraries and processing functions to store and process only a single event at a time, where a few laws apply and operate on the minimum of instructions. Most processes and mechanisms run from start to completion. In this operative, many reactions can and do fail unless biological controls call on catalysts and enzymes, to do what Nature cannot immediately do.

The most common Carbon structure is the Graphite ring. When several Hydrogen atoms are added to this ring, it is called the Benzene ring. Then, Nature simply adds a few hydroxide radicals and ends up with some important organic molecule. With a few more modifications, cellulose and a proliferation of drugs are made, including Opium and THC. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that the most common illegal street-drugs are based on the Benzene ring. Nature, makes such drugs through biological means, using enzymes and catalysts, building the benzene ring from scratch. But to convert Graphite to Benzene is virtually impossible. Artificial systems generally shatter the Carbon ring, resulting in fats, oils, polymers and explosions. Most benzene drugs, including Quinine are actual poisons. Too little or too much can have disastrous side effects, including death. One must trust the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies when it comes to drug dosages, because most drugs are deadly poisons where certain dosages target certain biological activities. Street-drugs are an unknown element, with unknown additives and strengths, often made for profit, without proper quality control, knowledge, or tests. Long term side effects are not known. What do drugs actually do to the body's RNA, the DNA and the genetic code? Some effects may not become evident for several generations.

Nature's chemical systems are extremely fascinating because of the way they use this model of Nature. When examining a System, many of the laws found in the central levels can be attributed to the system itself. Circumstances that stop the action-reaction cycle could take on an all inclusive over-view at the system level. Such an overview could be seen in the following principle :-

When the system's losses are greater than the gains, the action-reaction cycle ceases at the point, where the gains and losses equal the environmental throughput.
(from the Second Law of Equilibrium)

To test the workings of mindless matter will give one an appreciation of the simple water molecule.

--------- end chapter 15 ---------

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