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Changing The Universe.


At the age of 44, Robert Lanigan-O'Keeffe, an amateur astronomer, attended a function when he innocently found himself involved in a scientific argument with those present. Soon, the heated discussion involved all scientific fields, from cosmology, to chemistry and physics. For 36 hours the scientific banter continued. Taking on the role of the devil's advocate, Robert proposed alternate theories to challenge the credibility of the arguments by those present. Robert cited the mistakes made during the infancy of each science, mistakes that established the fundamental argument to change the credibility of the sciences.

Peter Bogaard, (one of those present) defended the sciences, but was swamped by Robert's powerful and convincing arguments. Relentlessly Robert attacked every science in presenting for the first time, a theory on everything; a theory that may not be accepted by the scientific community, for at least 50 years. As the argument grew to a close, Peter demanded that Robert put pen to paper, to review the arguments in print, as a scientific paper. But there was no way Robert could write the single scientific paper that Peter demanded. His arguments attacked the very foundations of scientific theory, all scientific terms, the laws and the rules that defiine how such papers need to be written. Robert was in a catch-22 situation.

After almost two months of badgering by Peter, significantly, on May 1st 1995, Mayday, (the radio call for international distress), Robert began to write. He completed a simple 13 page document. Peter Bogaard was not impressed, saying "AND, AND, There was a great deal more to it than that? You missed all the cosmology, the Big Bang and the theory of Tired Light. Where is your proof? Where are galaxies shown in 3-D?"

On Robert's return home, he added another 100 pages, dividing the work into seven chapters. More questions were asked, and even more pages were added. Peter then submitted the book for publishing but it was rejected over and over again. It was described as unconventional science and would make too many waves. The more it was rejected, the more questions had to be answered because the referees wanted greater clarification, so the work grew in size as even more pages were added.

Eventually, the work ran into two, 400 page volumes, single spaced, with over 200 illustrations. The book was again submitted to the publishers, only to be rejected over and over again. It was too controversal. Very few referees could understand the entire work, because they were all specialists or readers without any scientific background. Why would anyone attack all of science?

One referee described the author as a scientific heretic and felt that as a science book, the work was more like a story covering every gamet of science, so it is a work of fiction, not science. Although every publisher rejected this scientific heretic's work, many suggested that Robert self-publish because the work has merrit.

On 8/11/1996, with Peter in hospital, Robert promised Peter that no matter what happens, the work Changing the Universe would be published. Later that night, Peter passed away in his sleep, age 35. Robert continued and the work that grew into nine volumes to answer the questions of each publisher's referees. It had become a book for the very rich and outside the price bracket of the amateur scientist or student. The world owes Peter Bogaard a great deal, for without his badgering and faith, this work would never have been written.

In 1999, Robert began a cut-down version of the now 3,000 page work, into one volume of no more than 300 pages. This work is presented here for interested parties to download. It may be read, chapter by chapter, or downloaded in sections. Readers of this work should ask the question,

If the sciences can be proven to be wrong, and the proofs are shown, why do publishers continue to reject the work?

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