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Changing The Universe.

Welcome to this Unbelievable But True Tour of Nature.

This site maintains the philosophies inspired by the late Robert Kennedy, who said,
"I see things that are wrong and try to right them."

If one cares to look at the sciences, mistakes and errors appear.
Unfortunately, fundamental errors established many deluded and invalid beliefs
that became the foundations of present day scientific belief.
This work confronts the scientific community by directly addressing this terrible situation.

Many issues raised on this tour challenge and deny
the accepted scientific theories.

Due to the author's treatment of blind scientific acceptance, expedience and human weakness,
(describing attitudes from human gullibility, gossip, propaganda, and innuendo),
it becomes necessary to attack invalid and deluded belief-systems where
sophisticated educational indoctrination uses mass-marketing and deception techniques
to reinforce falsehoods, alter opinions, pervert free will, and one's decision making processes.
The author's comments should be considered as constructive criticism, not as fighting words.

To many this Universal Mystery Tour will become a trek into the unknown,
giving some the tools and knowledge necessary to make important scientific contributions. As your guide, in explaining the sights, readers can explore conventional science's very real mysteries.
But in so doing, it becomes necessary to overcome major obstacles that block each path.

Since the author encourages debate between thinkers,
each reader should scan or read this work as a sceptic,
comparing and contrasting the suggested concepts with conventional scientific theory,
perhaps entertaining the idea that somewhere in the text,
truths may exist that explain away just one of the many scientific mysteries.

Everyone interested in the sciences
should join this tour,

and together, we will travel along new paths,
gleaning a more complete appreciation of Nature,
crossing scientific demarcation barriers,
viewing Nature's immense beauty, while comprehending the enormity of scale,
from the atom to the very limits of the visible Universe.

This tour could take readers several days, or perhaps years
to reach the super-highway of untapped knowledge,
where 'order' and 'certainty' replace the terms 'chaos' and 'uncertainty'.

Basic Requirements.

Readers do not need university-level qualifications to comprehend this work as
this site caters for people interested in the sciences, from Chemistry and Physics to Astronomy.
Scientifically curious students require elementary mathematical and geometric skills
(year 8 to 12) to appreciate, comprehend, and apply the concepts.

To gain an insight into the path ahead, research students and academics
should initially browse the first six chapters and the last chapter
before reading or skimming through the entire work, for these chapters
deal with the work's aims and objectives, including the author's motivation
in calling for change. Although written for research students, readers should
perceive this work as a tourist's guidebook describing Nature's marvels from
the smallest to the vast, with things to do and things to see.

At first glance, although some sections of this scientific-philosophical work
may appear quite daunting with mathematical and chemical equations, progressive explanations
demystify Science and open Nature's Universe to detailed examination, while
breaking down humanity's confused, contradictory, convoluted, and complex
scientific explanations into more natural mechanism-based descriptions and processes.

As a guidebook, those arguments impacting diverse scientific disciplines
or ones that incorporate stand-alone illustrations requiring additional clarification,
or necessary definition change, proofs and examples, appear linked
to that chapter's notes, or come up on separate pages.

By the application of the Causal Research tools in daily life, every reader should gain
from this work, as a means to rationalise and validate fundamental truths
from opposing belief-sets and belief-systems.
However, in challenging scientific credibility,
proposing beneficial change, some academics and community leaders
(including zealots, fundamentalists, bigots, politicians and media moguls)
already consider this work a threat, as an indictment of both the scientific and
general communities, as an egotistical attempt to hijack the sciences and religion,
treating the work as a personal attack on status, credentials, and position, beliefs,
grants, and commercial activities.

While continuing to upgrade this site into e-prime language,
(a writing style removing words like, "is" and "are"),
additional research uncovered a serious chain of unexpected scientific error trees,
and since this important information needed to be included in the text, it became necessary
to alter the work's structure and layout in an almost total re-write.

Since this work, Changing the Universe sets out to explain
the very things science cannot explain, the scientific mysteries,
this additional information confirms the underlying theme
that the scientific theories (that we learnt, trust and honour)
fall-over due to glossed-over errors made almost 200 years ago!

These errors must be corrected.

Although the mathematics of the sciences may work,
the accepted theories and descriptions spawned from errors, do not.

To ensure that Australians have access to their documentary heritage of lasting cultural value, now and in the future, The Library of Australia preserved this electronic publication in the electronic facility called PANDORA.

At every level, this is Nature's Universe.

This site hosts the author's original work Changing The Universe,
while the other sites hosts the author's more recent works, Absolutely Æther.

So, what do we need?
With this site as your passport, this work
gives explorers the keys needed to open Nature's hidden doorways, which appear on-route. Some may need to
pack a picnic lunch, while others may need provisions to explore the site.
The author in 1995 Please feel free to Save each chapter to your disk drive,
so that the chapters can be read off-line at your convenience,
or called up quickly for reference.

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