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Are we related? Is your great grandfather our mother's cousin's grandma's nephew twice removed? Only one way to find out....
My Naylor Line
JAMES NAYLOR born 1596 in Sedgley, married ELIZABETH WOOD. Their son THOMAS NAYLOR born around 1643 married ELINOR HOBSON.
Their son
EDWARD NAYLOR, born around 1665 in Sedgley, married JANE PHILIPS on July 25th 1685 in Himley. They had a son, DANIELL NAYLOR around 1690 who married ELIZABETH PITT on August 8th 1717 in Sedgley. Their son ISAAC NAYLOR was born around 1742 in Sedgley. He married HANNAH HICKMANS on November 11th 1765 in Sedgley.
Thier son
JOB NAYLOR was born around 1774 in Sedgley and married HANNAH FELLOWS on November 5th 1793 in Wolverhampton. RICHARD NAYLOR was born to them around 1799 and married PHOEBE WHITEHOUSE in 1827 in Dudley. (Phoebe's father EDWARD WHITEHOUSE was convicted of 2 offences of theft in 1817 & was on the transportation list). They lived in New Road, Tipton. They had a son, RICHARD THOMAS WHITEHOUSE NAYLOR in 1840 in Smethwick, who wed  ANN GARRETT on August 12th, 1861 in Wellingborough. He was a Mill Furnaceman at the Ironworks. Their son, my gt grampy, was WILLIAM HENRY NAYLOR born in 1869 in Poplar, London.
He married
SARAH STEVENS and they lived in Bloomfield Road, Tipton, and Horseley Heath. He was a Cart Horse Driver. Their son, my grampy, WILLIAM HENRY NAYLOR was born on December 17th 1897 in Wolverhampton. He married FLORENCE EDITH ROBERTS in 1923 in London.

was a young soldier in WW1, serving in Flanders. He enlisted for WW2 in 1939, based at Budbrook and served in India for 3 years.. He reached the rank of Colour Sergeant in the Grenadiers and was a pallbearer for George V. He died in 1962.
Their daughter
DOREEN NAYLOR was born on 12th March 1934. She married my father DEREK MOORE (Derbyshire) in London.
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Naughty? Not my lot!
left to right - myself, John, Mum (Doreen Naylor), David and Steve
William H Naylor, born in 1869, was a Black Country man. Yet he moved to London and my grandfather was born in 1897 just after he left Poplar to return to Dudley.
I pondered this, as so many of us do, for a long time.
After some research, I discovered that the Blackwall Tunnel, near to where my grandfather was born (well, one end of it) was finished around that time.
Could this be the answer to my question?
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