This Welsh family history begins with the Philipps and Rees families and branches off to many others, who by the way are all my relatives.  I'm very proud of our history and our present family as we all hold our heritage dear. I am nearly certain as this web site grows It will be the entire families creation. Everyone loves to offer up any information they hold.
I would also like to point out many of the stories come from the 2 set books Centennial History of the City of Newark and Licking County Ohio By: E.M. Brister : The S.J. Pusblishing Company ,1909. So it will appear as it did in the book, Looking as though many are still living. Also as good a reference book set as this is, he contradicts the dates several times, I try to take several different views on the dates, from books and our family.
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So I will begin the story here to give you a taste of what lies with in this web site.
Thomas Philipps was one of the two founders of the Welsh settlement in Licking County Ohio that is now refered to as the "Welsh Hills'" in Granville.  In and around 1796 the  purchase was made.
   Thomas Philipps and his associate Theophilus Rees sailed here from Wales and settled for a short time in Beulah near Ebensburg, Cambria County Pennsylvania. This is where they made thier purchase of some two thousand acres now known as Welsh Hills.
  Thomas Philipps name was originally spelled Phillips, but at the time of his marriage to Miss Mary Philipps, of Pembrokeshire South Wales, he adopted the spelling of her surname.
     Mary was the sister or Erasmus Philippps, who was head counselor of the King Bench, and office equivalent to that of Chief Justice of the United States.   
    1787 Thomas's son's Thomas, John H., Erasmus, were seized on Board the ship by the the english press gang to put them in the engineer service, but they were not compelled to go, owing to the fact their mother was a sister of Erasmus Philipps, who had much influence in England.John H. was the reputed author of some seditious or treasonable literature, and , to avoid arrest and punishment, he decided to emigrate to America. Accordingly  he sailed for Philadelphia, accompanied by his brothers, who were more or less implicated with him,
    Thomas Philipps was from Carmarthenshire, South Wales. In 1795 ( or 1794 ) he and Theophilus Rees, desided to make their escape upon the Ship Amphion.
This is just the beginning as many families traveled to the Welsh Hills to make their home. Here are the others that will be mentioned
Many more....
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