White Eagle Soaring
My name is Allen Aslan Heart, an Abenaki/Ojibwe story-teller, drummer, poet, writer, artist and teacher. I bring a message of the contributions of Native American culture, of the beauty of Mother Earth, and our connection to all things. I open my programs with unhurried, cleansing sounds of soft caresses on the heart of a soaring white eagle painted in the center of a hand-held drum. Telling the story of the drum and its significance I weave a story of honoring the earth and each other, of living in balance and tolerance, of rediscovering our hidden power. To illustrate my message I display a wide variety of dream catchers crafted of natural materials.  Twigs of the traditional red willow, golden willow, red twig dogwood, gold twig dogwood, hartriegel, and manzanita honor the plant people.  Natural feathers honor the beauty of the animals and natural stones honor the stone people.  These are the first three orders of being who give their lives so that their little brother, the human can live.

From traditional to contemporary, each dream catcher has its own story to tell, its own wisdom to teach.  To read their stories go to the Dream Catcher Gallery.  These are found on the homepage and in rooms 1-5 of the Dream Catcher Gallery shown at the right.  In 1996 Mississippi State University and Griffiths University in Queensland, Australia selected my dream catchers for their internet site for indigenous artists, Trophies of Honor: Artifacts of Indigenous People. I have gifted a spider web dream catcher to the leaders of each of ten aboriginal tribes in Australia.

My background and experience have taken me on an amazing journey. As a certified science and social studies teacher I taught in Minnesota public schools for 26 years. I explored my natural interests in Native American history, culture, and spirituality for the past 20 years. Then, in 1995, while sharing my dream catchers at a family reunion, the elders relinquished the family secret—Grandma Bertha was "Indian."
I found that I was Native American as well as white..

Given the name, Wabishkie Ginu*, 'White Eagle Soaring" in Ojibwe, I have been honored for my teaching and weaving at the Rediscovery Center on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. I was asked to dance with the elders in the honoring dance.  I unknowlingly initiated the Seventh Fire when I returned the stories to the people.  I had learned dream catcher weaving at a pow-wow and a few years later my friend "wabishkie wun" (means White Feather) asked me to take him to the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota.  At the Rediscovery Center, a conference of Native American Student Associations from the region was meeting, and as an elder and spiritual advisor, he wished to be with the young people. I brought along my dream catcher weaving materials to occupy myself as he talked with them.  Some of them asked if they could watch.  Next day they asked if I would teach them.  That evening they honored me for my teaching and weaving and I danced the honors dance with the elders.  I had returned the ancient stories and the weaving skills to the original people who had made dream catchers.

“Since 1994, I've been traveling the USA and Europe, marketing my Native Heritage Collection of Dream Catchers and teaching their stories to children and adults from California to Vienna.  Now Great Spirit has shown me a new task, dancing a new dream for the people, the fulfillment of the Prophecy of the Seventh Fire.  When I first learned that I was "Indian," I was told that I was probably Ojibwe. But I couldn't understand how my "Indian"ancestors could come from Vermont, the home of the Abenaki,the People of the Dawn, and yet I could be Ojibwe.

Over a thousand years ago when the Seven Prophets brought their visions, the people lived along the Atlantic Coast.  Some refused to heed the warning and remained.  Some, the People of the Dawn, called the
Waubunakeeg (today called the Abenaki), accepted the validity of the prophesies yet remained in the east to provide assistance for those who began the great migration.  The latter group called the Three Fires, eventually took special tasks.  The Odawahg' (today called the Ottawa) were the traders finding food and supplies for the migrating people, the Oday'-wah-to-mee (today called the Potawotami) kept the sacred fire, and the Ojibwe were to hold the sacred traditions.  They were on their way to a promised land, "Turtle Island," and "the food that grows on water" in what is now called Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario.  Their migration to the center of the continent and their focus on the path of the spirit kept the wisdom alive long into the 1800's and has survived till today to be used in teaching all people the way forward to a new ”technology” of the spirit, the Prophecy of the Seventh Fire.  The Abenaki, like most of the eastern tribes, suffered most from the invaders and their communities were shattered.  My great, great grandmother married a white man and in 1858 they moved west following nearly the same route as her ancestors and in 1860 arrived in Minnesota, the destination of the migration hundreds of years earlier.  So it seems that I was prepared to bridge the gap between white and "Indian", between the People of the Dawn and the Ojibwe who migrated, between the technology of science and the” technology” of spirit, to show people how to dance a new dream. 

In February 1998, as I awakened from an illness of several days that had forced me to end a planned marketing tour of California, spirit told me that I was to dance a new dream for the people that they might live in a new way.  I had been dancing the spiral with my weaving, even creating spiral dream catchers, and I had learned T'ai Chi, which is really a spiral dance.  I was stunned and tried to set aside the commission as unreal, the artifact of an over-active imagination.  Then I met a Native woman who sees and she confirmed it.  In 3 weeks I received from three Native Americans each a gift of a symbol that I later found associated with the prophecy, the eagle, bear, and turtle.  And I was told that I would have a mate who would help me, a full partner who could soar with me.
I met a mate on Senior Friendfinder.com, a personals site on the internet, where she used the name Braveheart.  My name is allen aslan heart.  Mt. Shasta has been calling me for a long time and now i find that it is considered by many people to be the Heart Chakra of the Earth.  In 1996, she had mounted two large figures of eagles soaring over Mt. Shasta, on the end of her house that faces Mt. Shasta.  My Native American name is White Eagle Soaring and, as you know, I was looking for a mate who would be able to soar with me.  She is also a shaman, healer, artist, teacher, poet, loves the same music, and our thoughts are almost always telepathic.  I was very happy to have met her in September 2000 and even happier to have finally arrived at Mt. Shasta to be with her, three days before the new millennium.

But it was not to be. She lacked courage and commitment to clear the ego-mind of the chatter. It was a near disaster as she rebelled at the thought of journeying across the USA on a mission of teaching. It was an uncomfortable time, a disappointing time.

As a Dream Dancer of the Seventh Fire,  I have a task to help bring the Prophecy of the Seventh Fire into fulfillment  This is an ancient prophecy given to the Ojibwe people over one thousand years ago when they lived along the Atlantic coast.  Seven prophets came to them telling them that they must leave or their people would face severe struggles and death, that they would look for an island in the shape of a turtle and food that grows on water on a journey that would take them inland and away from the light-skinned race that was to come, that they would lose their way and that a little boy would dream a return to the correct path, that they would be misled even by their own elders and that many would leave the traditional ways. 

All of these prophecies were fulfilled as the People left their ancestral homes and began a long pilgrimage that 600 years later would bring them to the tip of Lake Superior where they found the food that grows on water, known today as wild rice or Mahnomen.  The Seventh Prophet said that there would come a time when the fish could no longer live in the waters and that the air would begin to lose its power of life.  Then the stories would be returned to the people and the sacred water drum would once again sound.  A group of aware, spiritual people (
Ogichidaag') would use their power and  strength to guide others with gentleness  and wisdom to develop the natural heritage of the heart to become a new people (Oshkibadeezig).  The light-skinned race would be given the opportunity to leave their dependence on the way of the mind and follow the path of spirit by following the whisper of spirit (sissagwad) that can only be heard by the heart.

I drum, teach songs and dance, and tell stories that empower and enhance self-esteem, discuss Native American contributions to our language, food, technology, economy, art, music, spirituality, history, and culture.  Art is used as a way to learn from nature, poetry as a way to speak from the heart. Thousands of people ages 8-80 have learned how to weave a dream catcher through my innovative technique, and my humor, insight, and patience. The dream catcher does more than catch dreams.  It’s a teacher of natural wisdom, a journey of the heart, a playful co-creation with Mother Earth and Father Sky. It tells the ancient stories of the Seven Fires.

To bring people to a readiness point I am weaving these special dream catchers that tell the old stories. I am also promoting new science from around the world that has been successfully used to decontaminate earth, waters, air, and open new possibilities.  My dream catcher wood is the the beautiful willow and red-twig dogwood that grows at the foot of the mountain.  I am helping people clean the air in their homes and purify the water or extend their mastery of this planet.  I wish to help you
soar and to learn through practical experiences to overcome your belief in limitations.

I welcome your friendship and participation in the fulfillment of the Seventh Fire Prophecy.

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2001, Allen Aslan Heart

Dream Catcher Gallery

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Heart Dreams
Sun and Moon
Dream within a Dream
Dream Star

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Dream after Dream
Sunset Sunrise
Many Dreams

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Four Directions
Body Mind Spirit
Path of the Spirit
Dolphin Dreams

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Rolling Thunder
Two Paths / One Journey
All Nations

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Natural Freedom
Twin Flame
The Seventh Fire
Dream Catcher Gallery Room 1
Allen teaching children and the Park Rapds Elementary School in northern Minnesota
Allen in Minneapolis Church in 1996
I lived a reasoned, cautious life,
my heart was in a cage.
Each tick was measured on my clock
to stop the passion's rage.

I learned my prudent, jailer's role
at church, at home, at school,
to be the watchdog of my soul
lest ecstasy should rule.

Now comes this strange unruled way,
throws open my life's door
and says "Come play with me.
Even butterflies are free!"
To live
and love
and be alive,
to all the good in me,
to find mySelf in opened heart
is a cosmic gift to BE.

                              allen aslan heart
Beyond the meadow of light
and the forest dark
is a garden of pure being.
Open your heart
and journey there with me
and we shall Dance the new Dream
and Sing the new Songs.
                               allen aslan heart
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 Soaring with the White Eagles
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