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Since 1994, we've done workshops from San Diego to Slovenia for over 5,000 people.  We can offer you a virtual experience of soaring that you can use as a model for the real joy of soaring.  We'd like to introduce these experiences to you so that you can gain new insights and add value to your life.  Soaring is a real possibility for you today and every day.  It's up to you!  No one else can bring such joy and happiness to you and no one can take it away. 

The good news is that soaring doesn't have to cost you anything.  It's free! Joy and happiness is all around if you just know how to look.  The joy of soaring is as common as stones on the path, leaves on the trees, grass in the meadow, and stars in the sky.  It's available to everyone no matter what they've done or where they live.  Stars twinkle for everyone.  You can't buy the ability to soar and it's not for sale!  The joy of soaring is simply yours if you know how to find it. Without it no amount of money or power has any value. 

We'll introduce you to resources and tools and share stories and valuable advice to help you discover the magic of soaring.  We've many proven ways to help you discover the joy and happiness of soaring.  Suddenly a new life experience can be yours! It's your choice!  Perhaps this will provide a little insight to the experience.


At the heart of the capacity to soar in joy and happiness is your willingness to step outside the limits you've been taught.  Soaring is a natural state of being that you can choose. Soaring with the White Eagle, you can discover the easy, fun ways to find the joy and happiness of soaring in your life. It's the 100% safe, natural, and healthy alternative for the way you experience life.

We may find examples of soaring in all of the world religions. Still, we won’t tell you to follow a religious path.  It's a simple spiritual awareness of "WHO" you are and that "what" is the game.  Usually people get caught up in the game and forget "WHO" they are.  Worse yet, they even take the game seriously and look for joy in all of the dead ends available to them. You can insist on looking for joy in the money and power games and the many other distractions, if you like.  You might even convince yourself that that's happiness.  It's always your choice!  Here's a small part of a workshop paper (author unknown) that I've developed further for clearer understanding:

The Spirit of Your Self is called WHO.
The expression of that which is you is called what.

WHO is the producer of your Reality.
what is the expression produced by WHO.

WHO is the source.
what receives from the source.

WHO sustains what.
what is sustained by WHO.

WHO absorbs what.
what disappears.

WHO is the space in which what appears.

WHO remains free,
what changes,
   and disappears.

When WHO is identified with what, seriousness and suffering arise.

When WHO is identified with nothing, humor and freedom arise as so much loose "change."

(and so on…..)

The Secrets of Soaring that you’ll discover in Soaring with the White Eagles will be the most precious discoveries of your life.  The joy and happiness of living are here and now in the present moment.  The NOW Moment is the only time when you are truly alive.  The past is dead.  The future is not yet born.  Only the NOW Moment is clear. The past is always clouded by judgment and ego.  The future is hidden in the mist of maybes. This doesn't mean that you must forget the past, just accept its lessons, let go of your beliefs and judgments and live here now, in this present moment.  It also doesn't mean that you can't plan for the future--just don't live there! Every moment spent in the past or the future is another NOW Moment missed. 

I know some people who spend most of their life energy reliving the hurts, insults, and unhappiness of their past.  Do you know someone like that?  I also know others who spend most of their time living in their future, sacrificing all of their NOW Moments.  In neither case are they choosing to live fully.  Do you recognize the patterns?  Joy and happiness are only found in the NOW Moment.  Sure, you can remember or you can imagine moments of joy, but it's not the REAL thing, just a memory, an image. Soaring with the White Eagle has many tools and experiences to help you enjoy life fully by living in the NOW Moment.  Here's a part of the story of the NOW Moments:

The past is always clouded by judgment and ego.
The future is hidden in the mist of free will and fantasy.
The NOW Moment is perfectly clear.

The past is dead.
The future is not yet born.
Only in the NOW Moment are you truly alive.

You cannot dance in what was.
You cannot sing in what will be.
Only in the NOW Moment can you taste the beauty of All That Is.

The past is always ending.
The future is always beginning.
Each NOW Moment simply IS.

Only in the NOW Moment can you know the Great Mystery within you.
Only in the NOW Moment can you remember the Original Instructions.
The NOW Moment is a cosmic gift of True Being
The NOW Moment is the Gift of Life.

The joy and happiness of soaring are goals you can reach easily and comfortably--it only depends on the way you look at life and on your capacity to love yourself and others.  You're here for the experience of life on this planet.  One of my favorite movie scenes is from the movie, “Michael.”  Archangel Michael (played by John Travolta) has returned for the earth experience for his last time and he's sitting in a field looking over a beautiful countryside.  Speaking to a little dog sitting at his side he says wistfully, "It's so beautiful.  I'm going to miss it so much!" 

Earth is a very special place like none other in the universe.  There's a waiting list to come here.  Doesn’t it seem strange that so many want to leave so soon? This life is a very special opportunity for you.  Each of your experiences is a precious gift, a treasure of great value.  This is especially true of your problems...and your "tragedies."  The caterpillar might see the chrysalis as a bewildering change in his life.  Yet the butterfly knows there is a magic and mystery in the transformation.  Instead of munching on leaves and crawling about, the butterfly flits about, drinks the nectar of the flowers, and sports a beauty unimagined by the caterpillar.  The butterfly dream catcher is from the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring.  I wrote this poem for my children's book, The Littlest Acorn:

Inside the chrysalis 
                                         he could not know
                                         the Mystery he held,
                                         that from the homely caterpillar
                                         a butterfly would grow,
                                         that what he thought was tragedy
                                         had only set him free,
                                         to be the meadow's gift of love
                                         the wings of Liberty.

You'll need to take another look at the world around you with a new insight, awareness and wisdom.  Most people focus on what's "wrong" and "hurtful."  It seems that if you could just find all the "wrong" things and change them, then this world would be a paradise.  It's so logical.  Or so it seems.  When you focus your energy on the "wrong" or "bad" you give your energy to that which you despise!  The energy of despising is just a hidden form of the same energy that's behind the "wrong" and "bad."  The people wishing to "Stop the war!" are only feeding their energy to war by the angry form of their opposition.  Can you make war against war and still find a lasting peace?  It hasn't worked yet.  When you can put your energy into "Start the peace!" your energies will be focused on the good that you desire.

Soaring with the White Eagle is a collection of stories of those who are starting the peace and sharing the joy and love around the world. I have many stories from my own experiences and my network of friends around the world will tell their stories. We need your help with this.  We want to create an international movement focusing on the beauty, wonder, and joy that is all around you.  Perhaps you and your friends have soaring stories, too.  We've created Soaring with the White Eagle to share these stories and some of the insights and tools, the jokes and cartoons for the “light-hearted,” and the art and music of love, joy, happiness, and peace. 

I’ll tell you about the two angels Raphael and Gabriel who saved me from drowning in the Pacific Ocean, stories of how the Grandfather and Grandmother Spirits have showed me their presence in taking care of me on my earth journey, the synchronicities and “miracles” that have shattered my skeptical assurance of rationality, how dream catchers have woven me, about healings and even changing the weather.  These aren’t miracles or “magic.”  They’re the natural way of things. Really! (That’s a long reach for a former science teacher—MA in biology!)  I’ve been there, done that, and it’s real!  In Soaring with the White Eagle we’ll tell our experiences and the many experiences of others around the world.
In Soaring with the White Eagle I’ll tell you about the
Vision of the Seventh Fire and how the Prophecy is being fulfilled from Europe to Hawaii.  We will show you the way to develop your full capacity in the way of the circle.  Each time you come here you’ll discover more and more of the ways of soaring and meet more of soaring people.  This will be packed with how-to information, new insights, people and groups who are soaring, information that can’t miss brightening your life, putting a smile on your face and lots of love in your heart. Come, soar with us!

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2001, Allen Aslan Heart
Beyond the meadow of light
and the forest dark
is a garden of pure being.
Open your heart
and journey there with me
and we shall Dance the new Dream
and Sing the new Songs.
                           allen aslan heart

I lived a reasoned, cautious life,
my heart was in a cage.
Each tick was measured on my clock
to stop the passion's rage.

I learned my prudent, jailer's role
at church, at home, at school,
to be the watchdog of my soul
lest ecstasy should rule.

Now comes this strange unruled way,
throws open my life's door
and says "Come play with me.
Even butterflies are free!"
To live
and love
and be alive,
to all the good in me,
to find mySelf in opened heart
is a cosmic gift to BE.
                          allen aslan heart
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 Soaring with the White Eagles T-shirts, sweats, coffee mugs, and mousepads
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