Super-ionized Water for a Healthy Planet
The future is here.  We have the technology now.
You are invited to participate in a new scientific paradigm that will change just about everything.  This is an historic shift that will impact health delivery systems worldwide.  The germ theory of disease, the discoveries of vitamins and penicillin, the free-radical theory of degenerative disease and aging, the anatomical and physiological basis for acupuncture have each lead to new insights and therapies to protect and improve health. 

People see a doctor because they are sick and they expect the doctor to make them well.  A medical doctor has an array of healing knowledge and therapies that can help.  Still, these therapies may take months or years to bring about improvement. Sometimes the indicated therapies have little or no effect. Nevertheless the expectation is there—the doctor must help them recover their health.  Finding the underlying cause of disorder and disease has been very difficult in the past.  Doing something about it has been nearly impossible.  The beginning of the solution is at hand to address the cause of many health problems where they begin—imbalances at the molecular and energetic level.

In a toxic world everybody carries toxins.

Over the past 150 years, hundreds of thousands of man-made chemicals have been released into the human environment.   Pesticides, plastics, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, fungicides, herbicides, propellants, and fuels are toxic to the biochemistry of life. In 1989 alone, EPA estimates, in its Toxic Release Inventory National Report, that 1.9 billion pounds of chemical were dumped into our nation's water systems. In that same year, 2.4 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the atmosphere; with the total chemical attack on the environment estimated at 5.7 billion pounds. This is only in one year. According to a recent report by the National Research Council, 70,000 of the chemicals in commercial use today have not even been tested for neurotoxic effects.

These foreign materials accumulate in the body causing subtle molecular dysfunction, imbalances that eventually lead to symptoms that present as disorder and disease.  These “ordinary” toxins of everyday life accumulate in an ever-increasing toxic load that the biochemistry of the human body is not designed to withstand.
Even one toxic molecule can cause subtle imbalances in the biochemical process.

Most of the patients who come to see the doctor for help are already showing symptoms because they have had sufficient imbalances in their biochemical processes and/or there is a critical structural dysfunction at the molecular level.  Others who think they are well now will later come to the doctor for help when they have accumulated enough exposure to environmental stressors.  Studies have shown that many diseases unknown to so-called “primitive” people become epidemic after their exposure to the food, water, and air of so-called “civilized” society. 

Our understanding of biochemistry, although still in its infancy, has made it clear that living systems are molecular in nature and that interfering with the precision of the chemical structures and process cause imbalances that can lead to pain, dysfunction, disorder, disease and death.  Unless this problem of environmental stress is addressed to restore normal balance in molecular systems, other therapies will often fail to bring about health and wellness. 

Restoration of balance is now possible using Perfect Science's unique formulas.

A new science developed by Perfect Science AD in Istanbul, Turkey has changed the way we think about chemistry and physics.  Through a proprietary process, water is super-ionized and becomes an aqueous-based phase transfer catalyst at ambient temperatures.  Having three free electrons per water molecule changes the way the water molecules behave. The super-ionized water is super-polarized creating powerful forces that not only encapsulate the petrochemical molecules, it also collapses the van der Waals forces that hold the hydrogen atoms to the carbon atoms.  These bonds can be broken at nearly infinite speed at ambient temperatures.  As a result the petrochemical molecule is torn apart into constituent amino acids and fatty acids rendering it not only harmless but also useful as a nutrient. 

In a similar fashion, heavy metals are encapsulated in a micelle, a molecular cluster that renders the toxin ready for transport in the blood to the kidneys for elimination.  Such a change in phase is called phase transfer catalysis; the Perfect Science formula is technically a phase transfer catalyst.  How these formulas are made is proprietary, but the effects are measurable and relatively easy to understand. 

An historic press release from Perfect Science in January 1996 and paraphrased in a speech by Randall Miller of Perfect Science in 1998, describes the new science as follows:

This then points toward the way that the medical formulas work.  The hydrocarbon molecules are encapsulated and pulled apart leaving only the constituent amino and fatty acids.  These reactions occur at ambient temperatures and release no energy as a by-product.  Similarly, heavy metals are encapsulated in hydrophilic micelles, preparing them for elimination.  Minute contaminations that cause subtle imbalances can be cleared from the biochemical pathways allowing the normal molecular processes to resume unencumbered.  When the underlying cause of disorder and disease can be found and removed, and body functions are once again in balance, health is a natural result.

Super-ionized water promotes a return to balance by hydration and detoxification.

In addition to its capacity to break down or render harmless the hydrocarbon toxins, xenobiotics, and heavy metals, the super-ionized water molecule is one half the size of the normal water molecule. Therefore it can permeate the cells and tissues more readily.  This allows the body to assimilate it more readily than most water. Hence, cells can be more readily hydrated and the toxins flushed out of the cells. 

Saponins are highly effective against cancer cells, parasites, and cholesterol and stimulate the immune system.

The medical formulas also contain safe, nearly homeopathic, dilutions of saponins which are derived from plants.  Saponins are powerful ambiphilic dipoles with a fat-soluble radical and a water-soluble radical. With powerful surfactant properties the formulas are very effective against cholesterol, lyse (destroy) the cell membranes of cancer cells and parasites, and stimulate the immune system. 
Super-ionized water is a super-antioxidant that scavenges free radicals.

Because of its super-ionization, there are three free electrons for each molecule of water.  This makes these Perfect Science formulas excellent quenchers of free radicals.  According to the original and subsequent research of Denham Harmon, MD, PhD, over the past fifty years, free radicals lack one or more paired electrons which makes them highly reactive.  To satisfy their electrical imbalance they steal electrons from molecules that make up the structure of cells.   With their structure disturbed, molecules of the cell fail to function correctly, changing their capacity to carry out the normal biochemical cell processes.  Out of balance, the living system malfunctions, ultimately presenting as a noticeable symptom or constellation of symptoms that the gives the physician an indication of what is wrong.  The Perfect Science formulas are super-antioxidants, surpassing other antioxidants in protecting from and repairing free-radical damage in living cells.

The products (Balance, Breaker, Clear, and Alpha) are designed to promote systemic balance.  Containing increasing levels of saponins mixed with spring water, they are formulated as a concentrate and are available in the US only through licensed medical practitioners who have been certified by Full Circle.

Research has confirmed that electrodermal screening can be an effective tool to discern the cause of imbalances in the function of specific organs or organ systems.

Finding the cause of imbalance with an electrodermal screening device has evolved from the earlier work of Reinhold Voll, MD, a German physician.  Much research has perfected the equipment and protocols.  Recent research has confirmed their accuracy and effectiveness in recognizing subtle and symptomatic health problems.  The capability of organ systems to respond to a small electric current is determined by placing electrodes and probes at specific points on the body.  If an imbalance is present in the biochemical pathways therein, this will show indirectly as an abnormal reading.

The electrodermal screening device used is called the Aquatron AD 2000 and uses software custom-designed for the Perfect Science medical formulas.  In addition to examining 20 organs and organ systems, there is an in-depth search for the underlying imbalances that indicate the cause of illness, determining the type of toxin, its location, and recommending the type and dosage of Perfect Science formula to use.  Other therapies may be indicated such as replacement of dental amalgams, surgery to remove infected jaw tissue, homeopathies and herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements and so on.  It provides a basis upon which other indicated therapies can be more effective rather than excluding them. 

The Aquatron has been developed for experimental use and data collection.

The Aquatron AD 2000 has been developed to detect imbalances, selecting Perfect Science medical formulae that will restore balance, monitoring their use, and gathering patient data under the supervision of a physician.  Full Circle Technologies has stated,


Performed by the doctor or his/her staff, trained by Full Circle Technologies, electrodermal screening can help the medical professional understand in depth the physiological processes working within each individual.  The computerized analysis provides the doctor with the information needed to create an individualized program for each of patient.  Such monitoring can instill confidence and cooperation in the patient since the effects of the program can be clearly demonstrated.

Without taking professional time and energy the doctor can give expert advice in nutrition and add an important and valuable therapy to the medical practice with testing and nutritional products.  When patients could see as well as feel improvements in their health, they were not only motivated to continue therapy, but also referred other people to the program.  Difficult cases became success stories.

Other formulations from Perfect Science provide diverse applications to change the way we do business.

Again, quoting the 1996 press release of Perfect Science from Istanbul, Turkey:

We are working with licensed medical professionals to bring this new and significant medical technology to a population that needs to be cleared of petrochemicals, xenobiotics, and heavy metals.  Before people can assume their natural heritage of power and wisdom their bodies and minds must be clear.  In addition, the effects of the Perfect Science formulas in business and industry will bring greater efficiencies, end pollution, increase productivity, and clean our soils, waters, and air.  This is within our grasp, if we have the will to make it so. If you can help in any way, if you wish further information,
please contact us that we might expand its use and availability to all humankind, to the animals, and finally to all of the earth.

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Dr. Denham Harman, MD, PhD
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Ayhan Doyuk, President of Perfect Science
Ayhan Doyuk, President
Perfect Science
Dr. Denham Harman, MD., PhD
Dr. Reinhold Voll, M.D
“The Perfect Science Phase Transfer Catalysts disrupt the hydrogen bonding attractive forces of water molecules. This disruption drastically collapses the interfacial tension of water molecules and transforms water into the True Universal Solvent. This new Universal Solvent now has the capacity, for the first time in history, to disrupt the inter-molecular attractive forces binding hydrocarbon molecules (van der Waals force) at ambient temperatures.  As a result of this phenomenal action initiated by the Perfect Science Catalysts, the hydrocarbon molecules are placed into micro-fine colloidal dispersions as micelles.  The hydrocarbons are completely dissolved within this new Universal solvent.  Aqueous solutions are now created with hydrocarbons in which new and vastly accelerated chemical reactions can take place.  Science has determined that the rates of the fastest chemical reactions in aqueous mediums are determined simply by the encounter frequency (frequency of collision) of the reactants or solute particles.  By placing hydrocarbons into micro-fine colloidal dispersions the Perfect Science Phase Transfer Catalysts initiate an exponential increase in the frequency of collision of the solute particles within the transformed aqueous medium.  This exponential increase in the frequency of collision of the solute particles will permit an unlimited number of accelerated chemical reactions whereby unprecedented oxidation-reduction reactions (electron transfer) can take place at ambient temperatures.”
“Since September 1999, over 100 patients have been treated with over 600 tests performed. There have been over 50 different medical conditions treated with measurable improvement every time… We envision a network of allied physicians around the world using the same diagnostic equipment.  These doctors will be communicating their results through the World Wide Web and be prescribing our nutritional products based upon reliable, reproducible laboratory test results.”
"Perfect Science has engineered specific Phase Transfer Catalysts for application throughout the these hydrocarbon Sciences: enhanced oil reservoir stimulation; viscosity reduction for pipeline transmission; desulphurization; cold cracking; low energy refining; new petrochemicals development; new plastics production; fire suppression and inhibition of spontaneous combustion; fuel additives for complete combustion; toxic materials clean-up and disposal; oil storage tank maintenance; by-product neutralization; waste water treatment and environmental remediation of polluted waters and polluted soils."
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