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Natural Freedom DreamCatchers                  $60

WHO you are is a Warrior of the Light, a co-creator whose  wisdom and power is one with the Creator.  This is your natural state of being, your heritage.  What you are is a human being that has forgotten WHO you are and is searching for your true identity.  Your beliefs ask you to do this or do that.  Your focal point is your doing.  You accumulate deeds, accomplishments, property, control over others, more and more "what" that cloaks "WHO" under a mountain of doing and belief.  To find your natural freedom you will have to let go of constant doing and your belief in doing.  WHO you are does not depend upon what you have and what you do.  You can find the natural beauty of WHO You Are and you will be able to say of yourSelf--I AM Ogichidaag”.

Twin Flame DreamCatchers                           $72

A melody in the voice, a vibration of love that you recognize, a glowing signature in the aura remembered, a knowing that you have danced with that one on a distant shore, memories beyond time and space that sing of your great beginning in the Heart of Creator.  Twin Flames of Original Love burst forth to journey their lone and separate ways, to learn of knowing and to know, to become and learn to Be.  Only when you are whole are you ready for the Twin Flame.  You can learn from many other relationships, some satisfying, some painful, and you know that each is a step, a sacred step, that prepares you for the ultimate relationship with the one who completes you--your Twin Flame.   Finally to meet again, your dimmed memories resisting the Truth of Oneness, it is a gift of Mother Earth and Father Sky, a chalice of Light and Love.

Aspiration DreamCatchers                              $78

Throughout your lifetime you are often told that you are not good enough, that somehow you have fallen short of the mark.  You are often encouraged to want to be more than you seem to be.  Perhaps you have agonized over your inability to reach beyond your grasp.  You aspire to divinity, but you are frustrated that you are "only human."  This separation into categories is the illusion of the mind.  Behind the illusions of ego, at the base of your True Nature, you are connected to All That Is.   You are One with all things.  The face, the breath, the song of Great Spirit is in all things and you Are that to which you aspire.   Your face is the face of Great Spirit.  Look around you at the many other faces of Great Spirit.  Your Breath is a celebration of Creation.... and You are the Song.

Imagine....no limitation
Imagine....all things are possible

Imagine....                                                       $72

To imagine is to dream while you are awake.  No longer limited to dreaming while you sleep you dream consciously and constantly.  Each moment of your life, sissagwaad, the soft wind of spirit, can teach you and guide your footsteps.  Open your eyes as you open your heart and you will walk in your dreams, day or night.  No need to seek, it is the essence of your being. You alone are all that will be found.  No need to ask, it was always yours.  You alone hold the answers. No need to knock, the door was never closed.  Come, soar with the White Eagle, and accept your natural heritage—you are a being of the stars.


All rights reserved.  Copyright 2001, Allen Aslan Heart
Self is WHO.
Expression is
Self is the Creator of Reality.
Expression is the creation of Self.
Nothing is Self-originated.
Everything is originated, sustained,
      completed and disappeared in WHO.

WHO sustains.
what is sustained.

WHO sources.
what is sourced.

WHO absorbs.
what is absorbed.

WHO is the space in which
what appears.

WHO remains free.
what appears, changes, and disappears
A candle burns,
it knows not why.
aglow from an Unfed Flame.
not knowing of its dual birth,
nor remembering whence it came.

Many seeming deaths it's known
recalling ever none.
Bright its God-like beacon shone,
its radiance of the One.
A candle burns.
It forgets how long
apart from its Other Light
not knowing of its flaming Twin
far reaching into night.

Many seeming twilights passed
midnights come and gone
burning now at last as One,
its final Cosmic Dawn.
                   allen aslan heart
Stars aborning
we take flight
to find the morning
of our night,
to ride the lifestream
of our day
and dance a new dream
on our way
to journey far beyond what seems
beyond the worlds of our dreams.
                           allen aslan heart
Natural Freedom Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
Twin Flame Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
Aspiration Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
Imagine Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
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The Seventh Fire, an Ojibwe Prophecy
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